New iPhone apps worth downloading: Any.DO update, Mecho Wars HD, Beach Games

Sep 12, 2013

One of the best apps around for keeping track of your busy life just got even better. Any.DO Task & To-do List got a big update that brings more cross platform support than ever. We’ve also got a re-mastered, resurrected version of an iOS strategy classic, Mecho Wars HD, plus the latest of the dozens, literally dozens, of titles from Donut Games, called Beach Games.

Any.DO Task & To-do List update (Free)

What’s it about? There are several great task and to-do list apps out there, but few as comprehensive and easy to use as Any.Do.

What’s cool? This app is especially cool because of its ability to sync up with any other device that you have the app installed on, including your PC. The latest update adds seamless syncing with the Google Chrome browser app, making it easy to plan out your days with a keyboard before being on the go. The latest update also lets you add tasks and reminders with Google Now. If you’re one of the earlier adopters of Google Glass, you can feel even more like you live in the future as reminders hit you right in the face automatically. The app was already one of the most elegant productivity apps around, and now it’s even better!

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for a great task managment app. People who need constant reminders to get things done.

What’s it like? Task is another solid productivity app. For a calendar app from the same developers, check out Cal.

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Mecho Wars HD ($0.99)

What’s it about? An Advance Wars style turn based strategy with great mechanics and a long and sordid history.

What’s cool? Originally released way back in June of 2009, Mecho Wars is a game from designer Luc Bernard, based in the same world as the nigh unplayable action platformer, Eternity’s Child. It pits the ‘Winged Crusade’ against the ‘Landians’ in a one of the first ever notable, quality turn based strategy games on iOS, with some unique features like changing terrain. That game was pulled a long time ago, and now it’s been re-released as Mecho Wars HD, with loads of shiny new art assets to keep it looking sharp. It’s not as compatible with the myriad of iDevices out there, and has been quite buggy so far, but if any game can be called an iOS classic, this is one of them.

Who’s it for? Turn based strategy fans. People who enjoy unique visual styles and worlds.

What’s it like? Uniwar HD is a turn based strategy that came out in the same exact month. A more RPG like strategy game would be Dungeon Crawlers.

Beach Games ($0.99)

What’s it about? Beach Games is a collection of five different summer themed games to master in one fun and colorful package.

What’s cool? This is the latest from Donut Games. That little 36 on the app icon? It really does mean that this is their 36th game. Donut Games specializes in fun, simple, colorful, small games that, despite their simplicity, are always really well made and shockingly popular. You can never go wrong with them, and this is no exception as you Frisbee, Balloon Throw, Roller Skate, Water Ski, and Hang Glide, getting the highest scores possible and challenging all of your friends. Each event is pretty addicting, and this game is well worth it. Not much more to say than that.

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Who’s it for? People who like, small, simple, but fun games.

What’s it like? Other games in Donut’s catalogue are made with a similar philosophy, like Sunday Lawn to name one. This game reminded me of Justin Smith’s Realistic Summer Sports Simulator, too.

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