New iPhone apps worth downloading: Animation Creator, Snapverse, Breach & Clear

Jul 18, 2013

Create something cool this weekend with the help of our first two apps worth downloading today. First up is Animation Creator, a powerful app full of tools to turn you into an animator with the help of your iOS device. Second is Snapverse, an app that looks to redefine how you communicate with others through the combination of video, images and music. Finally, Breach & Clear is a tactical squad-based title that will keep you busy this weekend, as you order your soldiers to take down threats by carefully planning their missions through various levels.

Animation Creator ($1.99)

What’s it about? As the name suggests, Animation Creator lets you make short animated videos on your iOS devices, and share them with the world.

What’s cool? You’ve already gotten the gist of Animation Creator: It’s a powerful app meant to allow you to take still drawings and images and bring them to motion. In a lot of ways, it’ll remind users of software like Adobe Photoshop, providing tons of tools that both let you draw and create within the app. Once you have characters and other things drawn in, you can use various touch controls and tools to add animation and record what you create. You can upload high-resolution drawings to the app as well, and browse what other people have created (and upload your own animations) in the Cineverse social network.

Who’s it for? Anyone who’d like to create their own animations with lots of useful tools but the ease of a touchscreen interface should check out Animation Creator.

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What’s it like? Both Animation Desk and Animation Studio also can help you create animations quickly and easily.

Snapverse (Free)

What’s it about? Combine music, video and photos together to create 20-second communications called “snaps” with Snapverse, a social networking app that’s working to create a new style of sharing your emotions.

What’s cool? Snapverse wants to change the way you communicate your emotions and share things you think are cool. You might think of its “snaps” as enhanced Internet memes – instead of just being a picture with text, snaps are pictures and videos you can edit together into 20-second clips, and the app then lets you add music to the proceedings to convey a certain feeling to other users. You can send your snaps across the app’s social network and Facebook, and like other networks, other users can comment on what you share, and vice versa.

Who’s it for? If you like sharing videos and photos and are looking for a better way to do both, check out Snapverse.

What’s it like? Do some more easy video sharing with Instagram and Vine.

Breach & Clear ($1.99)

What’s it about? Guide your squad of soldiers around top-down environments in strategy title Breach & Clear, in which you’ll plan your missions and execute them with careful, thought-out maneuvers.

What’s cool? Breach & Clear is a tactical game presented from a top-down viewpoint that gives you control of a squad of soldiers and sends you on missions to take down bad guys. Each mission gives you the ability to plan it thoroughly, attacking from multiple entry points and giving your squad orders on how best to approach every situation. Though it’s tactical and you’ll have a chance to plan your approaches and give your squad orders, their engagements take place in real time, giving the action a speedy edge. You can also highly customize your troops with unlockable weapons, and Breach & Clear’s developers say more content updates are on the way that will bring new features, such as multiplayer modes.

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Who’s it for? If you like strategy titles with a little bit of a more honed approach and a smaller group of units to manage, try Breach & Clear.

What’s it like? There are other great tactical titles on iOS you should definitely try – namely, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Frozen Synapse.

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