New iPhone apps worth downloading: amp Audyssey Music Player, QuickBooks Online for iPad, Puzzle Restorer

Feb 18, 2013

Fire up amp’s Audyssey Music Player to get the best out of your music-listening experience. The app is specifically designed to analyze your headphones and adjust your music to optimize them. We’ve also got QuickBooks Online for iPad, an app that provides lots of solutions for small businesses, and Puzzle Restorer, a puzzle game about restoring paintings with a limited supply of paint.

amp – Audyssey Music Player ($0.99)

What’s it about? Audyssey isn’t just a regular music player, it’s a music optimizer, giving you a listening experience tailored to your headphones.

What’s cool? Using amp starts with defining your headphones of choice. The app then takes the quality of your headphones and specific information about the make and model, and uses it to make adjustments to your song as it’s been played back, including the volume for optimum quality. It doesn’t take any more input from you than that. The app’s latest update improves the user interface to make it easier to get straight to the listening.

Who’s it for? This app is for everyone who listens to music via their iOS device’s iPod functionality. It’ll drown out commuter noise and pair nicely with your next workout.

What’s it like? Try Ubio and cear music player for more music-playing options.

QuickBooks Online for iPad (Free)

What’s it about? QuickBooks allows users to manage a number of different business functions, syncing with your QuickBooks account online to create invoices, receipts and more.

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What’s cool? Turn your iPad into a serious business tool with the help of QuickBooks. The service’s iPad app keeps track of your customers and log information about them, generate invoices and estimates for your work, and kick out sales receipts when you’re done. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a QuickBooks subscription in order to use the app, but if you have one, it’s free.

Who’s it for? Small business owners and startups who use QuickBooks for support functions should definitely check out this app.

What’s it like? Try Quick Sale and Sum+It Billing Buddy for more invoicing possibilities.

Puzzle Restorer ($0.99)

What’s it about? Your job is to restore slightly damaged, pixelated paintings in Puzzle Restorer, by carefully using a set number of brush strokes and amount of paint.

What’s cool? You’ll solve the puzzles in Puzzle Restorer by carefully deciding where to place your brush in various paintings to restore them to the image they’re supposed to represent. Being made of pixels, all the paintings are set up on a grid, so you’ll drag your finger from a pixel of one color to a pixel of another in order to fill in the portions of the painting. You need to make a complete line from one color to another, so being efficient with your paint is key to success.

Who’s it for? Puzzle fans of any stripe and even those who appreciate artistic restoration, Puzzle Restorer will offer some challenges.

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What’s it like? Give Where’s My Water? and Flow Free a try for some games with similar concepts.

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