New iPhone apps worth downloading: Allrecipes Video Cookbook, Alt Photo, Puzzle & Dragons

Nov 12, 2012

Here are three quality free apps that you should definitely download today. Allrecipes Video Cookbook leads the list, bringing video instruction to your kitchen. Next is Alt Photo, which offers Instagram-like filters but with many more customization options. Finally, Puzzle & Dragons mixes match-three gameplay with Pokemon-style elements.

Allrecipes Video Cookbook (Free)

What’s it about? As the name suggests, Allrecipes Video Cookbook is filled with video instructions to help you make various recipes.

What’s cool? Allrecipes is packed with quality videos that help when you’re cooking, which is handy no matter your talent level in the kitchen. All the recipes in the app are searchable and it comes with curated “featured recipes” that are updated daily to give you some cool options for meals.

Who’s it for? Allrecipes is helpful even if you’re not great at cooking, so if you’re looking to learn to make some new things, give it a go.

What’s it like? With Thanksgiving coming up, you might try Good Food Seasonal Recipes for more app-driven kitchen assistance.

Alt Photo ($0.99)

What’s it about? Photography app Alt Photo lets you alter photos to give them a vintage film look by applying filters, borders and other effects.

What’s cool? In a world where Instagram dominates iPhone photography, many people use the service’s special filters to add a quality of age to their photos. Alt Photo does the same, but with more robust options – you can adjust the “film quality” of your photos using the app, add borders and other effects. You can even adjust the intensity of those effects to get exactly the right quality. Alt Photo also lets you snap square photos and share them through a number of social networks, including Instagram.

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Who’s it for? If you’re an Instagram user or enjoy taking retro-looking photos with your iOS device, you’ll find use in Alt Photo.

What’s it like? There’s Instagram, obviously, and you can get similar results from toy camera app Hipstamatic.

Puzzle & Dragons (Free)

What’s it about? Puzzle & Dragons is part match-three title and part pet battle game in the vein of Pokemon. You’ll recruit monster helpers to fight you as you journey through dungeons, but your job is to make matches of different icons in a grid like in games such as Bejeweled.

What’s cool? The mixture of match-three and role-playing elements works pretty well in Puzzle & Dragons. In each dungeon, you match icons in a grid at the bottom of the screen in order to give your team commands like “attack” and “heal,” but in between dungeons and battles you can upgrade your team and assign new monsters to different roles. The game is also online-based, which means you can interact with other players by recruiting them to help by donating their monsters to your cause.

Who’s it for? If you like match-three titles with a twist, you should definitely check out Puzzle & Dragons. It’s also a great casual title for role-playing game fans.

What’s it like? Check out 10000000 for another take on the same idea, as well as Dungeon Raid. Both mix RPG elements with challenging match-three gameplay.

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