New iPhone apps worth downloading: AGOGO, Toon Hero, Butterfly Sky

Aug 15, 2013

Turn your iOS device into a personalized radio station with today’s first app worth downloading, AGOGO. It’s an app that brings tons of curated audio content to users, including streaming music, radio shows, podcasts and more. Up next is Toon Hero, an iPad game in which users can add their own voices to cartoon scenes they create and share them others across social networks. Finally, Butterfly Sky puts a jumping spin on the endless running genre that has players focusing on bouncing off clouds and grabbing butterflies to earn high scores.

AGOGO (Free)

What’s it about? Listen to all kinds of programming, from music to talk shows and beyond, with the curated channels AGOGO.

What’s cool? AGOGO is like your personal radio app, packed full of curated channels that bring a variety of programs to listeners. From music of various genres to talk radio, programs on politics and sports, podcasts, TV shows, audiobooks and more, AGOGO has tons to listen to from a variety of sources. You can also use the app’s minimalist interface to play music found on your iOS device, or tie it into a Spotify or Rdio account and stream songs to it as well. There’s a whole lot on offer through AGOGO, and you can save the things you like most to a “favorites” list so you can find it all again, quickly.

Who’s it for? Fans of music and tons of other kinds of programming should check out all that AGOGO has to offer.

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What’s it like? Rdio and Spotify are also solid apps that offer a lot of streaming content.

Toon Hero (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Animation app Toon Hero lets you create your own cartoons to share with others without the necessity of doing any animating, and using famous characters.

What’s cool? Toon Hero looks to add a new dimension to social networking through the use of cartoons that you can create, voice, and share with others. In order to help you create your own stories, Toon Hero provides users with multi-dimensional, photographic backgrounds care of National Geographic, and provides cartoon characters from a number of different properties that you can move around the scenes as you see fit. Toon Hero lets you record voices for the characters it includes, and makes creating scenes and stories as easy as dragging them around the image. You can create stories across multiple scenes, record and save them when you’re done, and share them across whatever social networks you enjoy.

Who’s it for? If you like cartoons and want a new way of sharing things with others, Toon Hero is an app you should try.

What’s it like? Also offering interesting additions to social media are VoxPixl and Vine.

Butterfly Sky (Free)

What’s it about? Jump through the clouds and collect as many butterflies as possible in Butterfly Sky, a combination jumping title and endless runner in which players pursue high scores.

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What’s cool? Butterfly Sky is an endless running title, but the game uses different mechanics than most other titles in the genre. Instead of focusing on dodging obstacles by jumping or sliding, players in Butterfly Sky are constantly jumping from cloud to cloud in order to propel forward momentum. Controls are simple: your job is to tap the screen and hold it to make your character drop from as high as possible down onto a cloud, then release to get bounced upward again. Along the way, you’ll collect power-ups to gain more distance, and butterflies that you can collect toward your high score.

Who’s it for? Casual game fans who’d like to see a different take on the endless running genre should check out Butterfly Sky.

What’s it like? Two more great titles that share similar mechanics are Doodle Jump and Jetpack Joyride.

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