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New iPhone apps worth downloading: 8tracks update, Camera Fix, Hairy Tales

Oct 29, 2012

Find new music you’ll love, curated by actual people, with the newly updated 8tracks Radio. It’s today’s leading new app, followed by Camera Fix, an app that removes the annoying purple haze from images shot on the iPhone 5. Finally, there’s Hairy Tales, a game in which you manipulate each level to solve puzzles.

8tracks Radio update (Free)

What’s it about? 8tracks Radio brings you musical playlists created by other people. The idea is that the curated mixtapes you can find on 8tracks are put together by experts and not by computers matching bands that might sound similar or have similar descriptions in common.

What’s cool? 8tracks was completely designed, changing the user interface and optimizing it for the iPhone 5. Also, on offer now are new search capabilities that allow you not just to find playlists based on bands or songs, but on moods and genres. It’s also ad-free for the next month, after which only banner ads will be used.

Who’s it for? Music lovers who want to try something other than Spotify or Pandora. If you like those services, you might like this one.

What’s it like? Well, Spotify and Pandora, specifically. There’s also Rdio, which offers Internet radio services.

Camera Fix ($0.99)

What’s it about? Some iPhone 5 owners have complained about a strange purple haze that appears on images they take using their new device, and Camera Fix works to correct the issue.

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What’s cool? Of course, there’s the obvious – if that purple haze issue is troubling you, Camera Fix does a pretty good job of remedying the situation and making your images worthwhile. It also includes a few other cool features, like automatic white balance, a sharpening feature and a color enhancement feature.

Who’s it for? If you’re an iPhone 5 owner fed up with the purple haze issue, this one’s for you. If not, there are better camera apps out there.

What’s it like? If you just want an enhanced photography package for your iPhone 5, start with Camera+, Camera Awesome, Instagram or Hipstamatic.

Hairy Tales ($0.99)

What’s it about? Puzzle title Hairy Tales is about guiding protagonist Hairy through a series of levels. Hairy only moves in straight lines, so it’s up to you to rearrange the level to get him to the goal without flying off the edges.

What’s cool? Hairy Tales is a smart take on puzzlers of its sort because you’re able to physically manipulate chunks of the level, which are divided into hexagons. You can move and rotate hexagons to create Hairy’s path through each stage and there’s a fair bit of challenge to be had from smart puzzles that include a lot of elements that you can manipulate, like arrows that redirect Harry’s progress.

Who’s it for? Casual puzzle fans are the primary audience for Hairy Tales, but it’s likely that if you like playing games on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll like Hairy Tales. It’s good in short bursts, but packs a legitimate challenge.

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What’s it like? Give the newly released Hairy Balls a try for a similar puzzle experience, or Crytek’s graphically beautiful Fibble.

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