New iPhone apps worth downloading: 2013 US Open Tennis Championships, Material, Amateur Surgeon 3

Aug 29, 2013

This weekend will see the 2013 US Open, and tennis fans are going to want to grab its companion app, 2013 US Open Tennis Championships. It brings you all the info you’ll need to stay up with the US Open, as well as videos to stream and tennis news. We’ve also got Material, an app that searches your social networks for news and articles that are of interest to you, and Amateur Surgeon 3, a touch-based game in which you perform surgery on crazy characters with a range of tools, like chainsaws.

2013 US Open Tennis Championships (Free)

What’s it about? The official app of the 2013 US Open brings tennis fans everything they need to follow the action at this year’s championships.

What’s cool? Newly updated for the 2013 championships, the US Open app is a one-stop shop for all things related to the tournament. The app brings live point-by-point scores to make it easy to follow the action, and allows users to stream videos from the tournament straight to their iOS devices over an Internet connection. You can also see tennis news and see match-ups for the tournament, view photos, check out what people are saying about the tournament on social networks, and follow your favorite players as they advance. If you’re actually at the US Open the app provides even more functionality with maps and other useful info.

Who’s it for? Tennis fans who are attending the US Open or staying home should check out the official app of the championships.

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What’s it like? You can get more info about the US Open as its happening from ESPN ScoreCenter.

Material (Free)

What’s it about? Content aggregator Material uses your social media information to find news, blog posts, articles and more content that’s relevant to you and what you care about.

What’s cool? Material’s job is to sift through the Internet to find the things you care about reading, watching and listening to, without forcing you to have to go track it all down yourself. The app uses your connection to social media to find things that are relevant to you, based on what you like, who you follow, and what you care about. It funnels in RSS feeds, blog posts and news articles and puts them together in daily “editions” that run down several articles worth your attention, which means you don’t have to spend all day looking skimming Twitter and Facebook looking for interesting things to read or watch that have been shared by friends. Material also sports an offline mode for more convenience, and allows you to shift the kind of content it delivers by adding and removing interests.

Who’s it for? Users who struggle to either cut through all the noise of content on the Internet, or want a simpler way to find what interests them, should check out Material.

What’s it like? Both Pulse and Flipboard are useful content curation apps, as well.

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Amateur Surgeon 3 (Free)

What’s it about? Help all kinds of crazy patients with their various insane ailments in Amateur Surgeon 3.

What’s cool? People need help in Amateur Surgeon 3, and they don’t have time to find a real doctor – all they have is you. Luckily, you’ve got tools like chainsaws, pizza cutters, car batteries and staplers that can help you get the job done. Amateur Surgeon 3 challenges players to use touch controls to carefully perform surgery on a number of strange and often hilarious patients, like mutant bears and inept criminals, with the right slightly bizarre tool for the job. You can also upgrade your tools, and tag-team between various different surgeons mid-surgery in order to make use of their various special abilities in order to complete each of the game’s 20 levels.

Who’s it for? Fans of touch-based arcade games who have always wanted to perform surgery without the hassle of medical school should check out Amateur Surgeon 3.

What’s it like? More ridiculous surgeries can be found in Amateur Surgeon 2, and you’ll spend more time inside other characters’ chest cavities in Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin.

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