New iPhone apps: Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder, Stellar Wars, Oceanhorn

Nov 17, 2013

We’re starting the week with some language learning for kids with Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder, today’s first app worth downloading. It teaches kids Spanish by letting them speak words to digital characters using their devices’ microphones, and helping them to construct words letter by letter on screen. We’ve also got some great games to keep you busy: First up is Stellar Wars, a side-scrolling title in which players engage in space battles, customize robots and battle bosses. Finally, we’ve got Oceanhorn, a gorgeous 3-D title in the vein of The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder (Free)

What’s it about? Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder looks to teach children a new language – in this case, Spanish – through a combination of voice controls and word puzzle gameplay.

What’s cool? Speaking Spanish live using your iOS device’s microphone is just the first of the means through which Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder makes it easy for kids to learn a new language. The app has users “building” words by putting together letters in order to learn how they sound and how they’re constructed. Kids will also speak words to the app’s “GoGo Lingo” characters, and control other aspects with their voices. Successfully building words and learning new ones earns kids toys they can keep in a digital trophy room and show off, and Word Builder includes a Parents Corner feature that lets parents track their kids’ progress and see what skills they’ll be building.

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Who’s it for? Word Builder is aimed at kids aged 3 to 6.

What’s it like? Kids can learn more language skills with Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds.

Stellar Wars ($1.99)

What’s it about? Looping in a number of different forms of gameplay, Stellar Wars tasks players with helping a group of robots rebuild their civilization amidst a galactic war.

What’s cool? Your bots have gathered on a ship in Stellar Wars, in hopes of gathering the resources they need to rebuild their civilization. Over the course of the game, you’ll engage in a number of different activities – you’ll guide your bot ship through side-scrolling battles and asteroid fields, land on planets to gather resources and fight monsters, and battle huge bosses. You’ll also customize your ship sand your bots over time, and work through 50 different levels across 10 planets.

Who’s it for? Fans of various kinds of gameplay, from shooters to planetary defense, will want to check out Stellar Wars.

What’s it like? You’ll also want to grab developer Liv Games’ Legendary Wars and Monster Wars.

Oceanhorn ($8.99)

What’s it about? Taking a page from classic series like The Legend of Zelda, Oceanhorn has players adventuring through a brightly colored world, fighting monsters and solving puzzles.

What’s cool? Packing gorgeous visuals and music from the well-loved composers of games such as Final Fantasy and Seiken Densetsu, Oceanhorn is a mobile reimagining of the classic action-adventure game formula, with a hearty mixture of elements from great Japanese role-playing titles. As a young boy in search of his father, players will explore the Uncharted Seas, where you’ll learn magic to assist you in battles against monsters, and solve puzzles across a story that can last 10 hours or more.

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Who’s it for? Fans who enjoy the Legend of Zelda and games like Final Fantasy won’t want to miss what’s on offer in Oceanhorn.

What’s it like? Other great action-adventure titles with deep stories include Horn and Final Fantasy III.

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