New Angry Birds to land on Android for Xmas; plush toys coming soon

Nov 28, 2010

Feathers are flying on Android for Rovio and its Angry Birds. But the eternal battle of birds vs. pigs has been delayed for Windows Phone 7.

A new version of the game is coming by Christmas for Android along with plush toys depicting the birds.

Rovio Mobile has, appropriately, been tweeting the news on its hugely popular game that has catapulted to success.

The game has only been available free on Android from Google (GOOG) for 1 ½ months and already has been downloaded 7 million times.

Rovio is doing OK with Android. The game maker notes free games often — not always — are “the Google way” for Android.

“I don’t even want to begin thinking about how much money they’re making from ads, but something tells me they’re quite pleased with how this little experiment has turned out,” observed Quentyn Kennemer in Phandroid.

He predicts more freemium and ad-supported games based on the Android success.

Rovio is promising a seasonal Angry Birds update for Christmas.

The game is also available for Apple’s (APPL) iPhone and iPad, whose lucky users were recently graced with a Halloween version.

Meanwhile, if you have a new phone with WP7 from Microsoft (MSFT) and want Angry Birds, you’ll likely have to wait until 2011.

Alex Wilhelm reports at TNW: “This may make you sad, but there is nearly no chance that Windows Phone 7 users will be able to enjoy some Angry Birds fun on their phones this year. Despite previous rumors to the contrary, we have confirmed that indeed Windows Phone 7 will not get the app.” Rovio tweeted him “never say never, but (a 2010 launch for WP7 is) highly unlikely.”

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Rovio, which launched the game a year ago, plans to grow the franchise with TV shows, video and more.

An Israeli TV show got a head start with a parody on Angry Birds depicting the Middle East peace talks available on YouTube.

The Telegraph in London reports on how Facebook and console versions of Angry Birds are on the way. And also, Rovio has been selling plush toys of birds — not pigs though — for $14.99.

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