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Feb 27, 2013

We live in fleeting, technology-driven times. Fortunately, there are a plethora of mobile apps designed and developed for recording and instantly sharing memories. Even better, multiple video creation apps let you add stupendous effects and connect via Facebook and Twitter. With these apps you will never be without an audience if you have something to share.

Vine (iOS only)

Twitter’s new video-sharing app Vine is all about constructing shorts bursts of lopped video. After signing up for Vine’s service through Twitter or email, you can explore various looping videos through Editor’s Picks, Popular Now, and a spread of 12 hashtags (such as #pets, #howto, or #favthings) with colorful icons. You can interact with other Vine lovers through comments and liking videos you stumble across. Note that when searching through hashtags it takes some time to load the video loops, even when connected via WiFi, as they are all presented on a continuous page. While the app isn’t available on Google Play, there are two unofficial Android options for viewing (but not uploading) videos in VineTube and Vine Flow.

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Lapse It Pro – Time Lapse Professional (iOS, Android)

Have you ever wanted to forego audio and make a timelapse video? Lapse it Pro, the brainchild of Interactive Universe, empowers you to capture moments in an atypical way. Within the mobile app, you can set the capture interval (milliseconds, seconds, or minutes), image resolution, exposure, focus, and white balance. Lapse It Pro features a handy method for triggering captures – through the timeless activity of clapping. If you set yourself up with a view of a city skyline, you can prop your smartphone on a public bench and clap whenever you want your phone’s camera to take a picture. For best results, clap near the receiver speaker, and double-check your surroundings, as someone could run up and swipe your device while you’re fixated on applauding.

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Viddy (iOS, Android)

Thanks to Viddy’s beautiful launch demo, you too can watch Paris Hilton claim that Viddy is the Instagram of social video. Setting up the mobile app through Facebook or Twitter is a snap, and you’re immediately asked to follow users based on categories such as Animals, Action, and Celebs. The mobile app presents the option of using videos already on your smartphone, or starting fresh by creating a new one. The latter process for creating a 15 second video is super intuitive. You can pick the thumbnail, video filters (Junk’d and Tele are pretty slick), and select from 20 audio tracks, including snippets from Nine Inch Nails and Snoop Dogg. Once you’ve settled the effects, share on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Klip Video Sharing (iOS, Android)

With Klip Video Sharing you can create or import video clips from your smartphone, YouTube, or create a slideshow with photos, then choose from 20 filter effects including the always awesome Fisheye, when recording video clips. Many of the most popular “klips” consist of youngins singing or playing covers of their favorite tunes. A lot of thought went into building aspects of Klip’s community, as signing up instantly connects you with Facebook friends.

Burst – Video Sharing (iOS, Android)

Burst puts a twist on videos, as it prompts you to create groups from your contacts list for private sharing. This is a great advancement, as you can securely share video clips with the people who would be most interested. If you’re a new parent recording your baby’s first crawl, you can instantly share with family and friends. Another dope Burst feature is Bubbles, event-based sessions for sharing video with specific groups or individuals. Also, the mobile app detects Facebook event RSVPs, which auto-titles the video moments.

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