Make 40 feel younger with these iPhone apps

Dec 5, 2012

Most of us would count our blessings if we woke up at 40 years of age looking like Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, the stars of the movie “This is 40.” Sadly, only so many people are born funny and destined to be hilarious Hollywood royalty. The rest of us regular folk can utilize our iPhones to get apps that might help our situations. Check out these iPhone apps to help you ease into your 4th decade.

USA TODAY Crosswords ($4.99)

By the time you hit 40, you might have a few wild kids running around your house, a couple crazy pets peeing on everything in sight, and a needy spouse constantly demanding your help with something or another. So if you find a few minutes to yourself, it’s probably spent in the crapper. Grab a puzzle iPhone app like USA TODAY Crosswords app. A new puzzle downloads daily so you will always have an excuse to get some time to yourself.

Yoga Studio ($1.99)

Is your midsection looking more muffin top than six-pack these days? If you spent the majority of your 30’s sitting on a couch watching “Grey’s Anatomy” or hockey games, you may want to ease back into fitness slowly with a gentle, yoga-centric workout. Check out the Yoga Studio app to stretch your elderly limbs and get back into the game. Despite the rumors, men do yoga too. Once you are feeling pretty spry, jump on the treadmill or hire a personal trainer to take it to the next level. 40 can be just as hot as 20, if you try!

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Pinterest (Free)

Ladies of all ages love roaming the free Pinterest app for new recipes, outfit ideas, and home décor tips. Even the characters of “This is 40” like to get their Pinterest on. If you have less time to shop, browsing for new clothes on Pinterest can be a great option for busy women and men. Also, there are a ton of tasty recipes floating around on “Pin” boards that can spice up your family meals. Turning 40 doesn’t mean you can’t change things up a bit.

Talking Monkey ($0.99)

So you probably saw this iPhone app featured on the hilarious promo video for the “This is 40” movie, it is the Talking Monkey app. Simply talk or sing and the monkey will repeat what you say in a funny voice. Hit the mimic button so the monkey moves his lips in real time. It’s a fabulous way to entertain your children when they are moody or just downright inconsolable.

Don’t Panic with Andrew Johnson ($2.99)

My best advice for turning 40 is: Don’t panic. Age is just a number and if you take care of yourself, you can definitely be better at 40 than at 20. If you start to feel overwhelming anxiety about aging, check out the Don’t Panic with Andrew Johnson iPhone app, which can help calm you down and get you back on the path to positivity. Remember, you are like a fine wine, you get better with age.

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