Lose your marbles with Woozzle iPhone game

Apr 17, 2011

If you’re looking for a real head-scratcher to pass the time, and also happen to enjoy marble circuit puzzlers, then you’ll probably love Woozzle. This game is a near-perfect entry in the iPhone puzzle game library, offering crisp graphics, sound and design.

The goal is to fill all the turning platforms in a level with the same color marble. The marbles are dropped onto a track from above, and the player has to help navigate them to their destinations. It isn’t long before dozens of mechanics are introduced to the player, really mixing things up quickly. You might have to fill a pad with a certain color, or in a multicolor pattern that’s specified to you. Eventually, you have to deal with switching paths, marble painters, teleporters, turning intersections and more. There are currently 60 puzzles available, and they’re mostly all fantastic.

On each puzzle, you are graded out of three stars (Actually, marbles), and that grade is based solely on how long it takes you to complete it. Some of these are hard enough to solve on their own, but with the added challenge of speed, it can be ridiculous. I gave up trying to get a three-star rating after the first few puzzles. It can really be a bummer to mentally power your way through a puzzle only to find you did so at a one-star speed. It is fun enough to just play the levels at your own pace. I will say though, that while frustrating, trying to get that three-star rating is a frantic experience unlike most I’ve seen on the iPhone.

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The graphics are gorgeous, and everything from the buttons to the track to the credits screen all fit in the design and theme of the game. Woozzle also has some very soothing sound design, both in the form of generic jungle sounds and in the relaxing songs that play during each level. It’s a great offset to the stressful puzzles.

The game offers integration with Facebook and Twitter, as well as Game Center achievements and leaderboards. The achievements are set up brilliantly in something called the Tree of Wisdom, which lets you track your progress easily. This game is polished to a shine, and definitely needs to be checked out.

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