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Karaoke iPhone game Sing Me Something reaches some rather high notes

Sep 10, 2012

Sing Me Something is one of those brilliantly simple ideas that makes you wonder why it took so long to actually happen. It’s like a karaoke version of Draw Something. You and other players around the world record 20 second clips of yourselves singing a specific song, and the other player has to guess your song and the artist behind it. You can only guess a limited number of incorrect letters for each, but you can use the in-game coins to buy hints and other such familiar power-ups.

Much like Draw Something, it is easy as pie to cheat in this game if you hate fun or just don’t want to lose your streak. Unfortunately, and strangely enough, I had no trouble finding opponents to play, but very rarely did they actually take their turn. People just don’t seem as into this game as others, which is understandable. For some reason, people seem far more embarrassed about their bad singing skills than their bad art skills. Luckily, you can link your account to your Facebook profile and avoid such things.

This app isn’t perfect, of course. The interface could use some work, and I would love some features to block out certain genres of music from the song selection. When my options are Christina Aguilera, Coldplay, and Christina Aguilera (again), it makes me sad inside. The developers have already stated their intention to implement such features in future updates, and they can’t come soon enough. This game has massive potential, but more of you people need to download it and grow the community before it can really reach it. Don’t worry. There’s a free version that you should try out before the paid version anyway. It could be better, but I still highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys singing.

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