Jump-Start New Year’s resolutions with these iPhone apps

Nov 30, 2009

New Year’s resolutions are always about good intentions. Unfortunately, most don’t survive into February. With a simple download, these iPhone apps can help you stay focused on your New Year’s resolutions.

Health and personal development iPhone apps

Starting right off the bat, the Tap & Track Calorie, Weight & Exercise Tracker for the iPhone covers most of your needed bases. Tracking food intake and workouts, this $2.99 app considers weight, gender, age, job type, and your goal weight to drop the holiday pounds. Provide this app with the data and view progress on charts.

For a more hands on approach, DailyBurn turns your iPhone into a personal trainer.  This free app provides workouts to subscribe to, sending you daily updates and workout goals. Track and graph your progress and sync with your online account.  From Gyminee, the Daily Burn app counts calories and lets you search exercises and food items.

Still smoking? Stop with the Quitter iPhone app. Quitter (free) monitors your smoke-free behavior and tallies up your monetary savings.  Viewing your progress can motivate you to keep up the good work.  This basic iPhone app serves as a pocket-sized reminder of how far you have come.

Organization and productivity iPhone apps

Zenbe Lists is a great iPhone app for those looking to work better with others, including coworkers and household members.  Share your tasks with others, and sync updated lists for the latest version. Import lists to iGoogle and other apps for extended use outside of its own app.  For $2.99, you can sync your mobile life with those you work with.

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Aiming to work with your natural recollection process, the ReQall app for the iPhone builds on context of added notes in order to improve your memory. Marking the five W’s of ideas and tasks, this free iPhone app is an automated way of cataloging your thoughts. Quite necessary in our mobile era, ReQall makes you more productive in the real world.

Those determined to land their dream job in 2010 will need to be a rock star interviewer.  Prep for any interview scenario with  SwipeQ for the iPhone. The $1.99 app offers sample questions with guidelines on how to respond accordingly. Jot down notes, bookmark those relevant to your industry and create flash cards on the go.

Sometimes improving your hands-on parenting is among your New Year’s resolutions. Kill two birds with one stone with the Bank of Mom app for the iPhone. It teaches your kids about money, as well as enabling you to stay organized. Track multiple accounts and activities, view transaction history, and add interest with this $1.99 app.

Pageonce offers an all-encompassing iPhone app to keep most of your New Year’s resolutions in line. Track budgets, bank accounts, shopping activity and wish lists, movie rental queues and more with Pageonce’s Personal Assistant iPhone app. Free, Personal Assistant lets you stay on top of everything, making 2010 a breeze.

Resolving environmental issues with iPhone apps

GreenYou’s iPhone app can jump start your process of going green.  Answer a few questions so the 99-cent Green You app can determine your carbon footprint, based on driving, food and your home’s utilities.  Green You will then recommend ways in which you can decrease your carbon footprint, with progress tracking available as well.

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At times, going green means changing the way you live. Figure out how you can improve your home living with the Green Outlet iPhone app.  For $2.99, Green Outlet will also keep you on budget, making this a dual-purpose iPhone app.  Recommendations and alerts for various green lifestyle goals are also included in this app.

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