John, Paul, George and Ringo would like these apps for musicians

Aug 31, 2009

While Beatles’ Rock Band will no doubt be a hit with fans, iPhone apps for musicians are also inspiring a creative revolution.

If you’re lucky enough to score a used Roland TR-808 drum machine—the gold standard of house and techno musicians—prepare to shell out $1,000. Or, download Blackout Labs’ ultra-cool GigBaby! (99 cents). In 1967, The Beatles recorded “Sgt. Pepper” on four-track tape machines. In 2009, you can download a four-track recorder that supports CD-quality audio onto your iPhone. Absolutely fab! So is GigBaby! perfect? No. You can’t “bounce” (or recombine) tracks you’ve already recorded, so far as I can tell. But GigBaby! lets you select backing rhythms and has a set list manager to organize your ideas.

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Lou Carlozo

Former Chicago Tribune DVD columnist, current music critic at Christian Century, paid blogger/columnist for AOL's WalletPop and True/Slant ... but most important, a proud owner of an iPhone 3Gs and one of the first in Chicago to own a duo-core MacBook Pro laptop. Flash back 30 years; my first computer ever in 1979: an Apple II.

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