iPhone apps to ring in the New Year

Dec 13, 2009

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. You still have time in these remaining hours to make sure you celebrate it in style. Finding everything from the perfect recipe or the perfect party can be made easier with the help of the iPhone.

Whether you are planning your own party or looking for a way to enhance someone else’s, there are several iPhone apps to keep the New Year’s holiday safe and fun.

Countdowns & Party Enhancers

iLove New Year’s Countdown is a pretty straight forward iPhone app. For 99 cents however, you also get custom image integration for backgrounds, and a “Happy New Year’s” fireworks video when the countdown finally reaches the zero hour. Save your settings for next year’s countdown fun.

Cheesy doesn’t begin to describe the Waterford Clink-Clink app, but it’s quite fitting for the occasion. This free iPhone app gives you a virtual champagne glass to toast with others. Clinking your iPhone with another will exchange a holiday greeting for ringing in the New Year.

The Photobucket iPhone app lets you customize and share photos from your New Year’s partying. Special effects let you theme your photos for the milestone holiday, with mechanisms for easy photo-sharing and search.  Free, the Photobucket app is great for those active with social media.

The hiCards Holiday Edition is designed specifically for those special occasions. Customize photos from your iPhone photo library to create a New Year’s Eve greeting card that can be sent to your friends. Priced at $1.99, you can use this app for more than just New Year’s Eve greetings.

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Event Finders & Planners

With a holiday cooking guide, the Epicurious iPhone app (free) gives you recipes for New Year’s Eve favorites. Combined with a shopping list, managing your party’s meals is an easier task with this mobile tool. The Epicurious search tool and saving options can get you through this hectic party season.

The Party Planner app for the iPhone is out for one purpose only—to make sure you have a good time. With this free app, you can be a one-off bartender and create the party batch of a lifetime. Enter in the number of people in attendance and the duration of the party to get one heck of a custom drink recipe.

Find local parties to hit up on New Year’s Eve with the Going app for the iPhone.  This free app connects you with friends and events, taps into your social networks and keeps you abreast of the best parties to attend based on your current locale.

Don’t find yourself alone on New Year’s Eve. The Loopt Mix iPhone app will connect you with other singles in your vicinity. View their info, including age, hobbies and photos. Chat for a while to determine if they are a person of interest. The free Loopt Mix iPhone app can then help find local venues where the two of you can ring in the new year together.

Cab Finders & Breathalyzers

The DrinkTracker Breathalyzer helps you monitor your blood alcohol level from your iPhone without the need of a separate device. Enter the necessary data, such as your weight and height, along with the amount of alcohol consumed over the given period of time. The $1.99 iPhone app will give you a rather accurate estimate of your BAC.

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No matter where you find yourself this New Year’s Eve, a safe cab ride is never too far away. The Rocket Taxi iPhone app costs $1.99 and connects you with nearby cabs based on your GPS, spanning thousands of cities and companies. Calculate fare based on trip length. Avoid being duped with an in-app currency converter.

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