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iPhone apps to prepare for the NFL Draft

Apr 19, 2012

Given the choice between watching a three-hour special on the unveiling of the new NFL schedule or endless talk about the impending NFL Draft beginning April 26th, I will gladly take draft talk until everyone is blue in the face. It looks like app developers agree, because while there aren’t too many mock schedule creation apps, there are an awful lot of draft apps out there. Here are a few of our favorites to get you ready for Thursday.

Draft Pik 2012 ($1.99)

Draft Pik 2012 lets you be the expert. You can create your own mock draft for the first round, and if you have one of the top three mock drafts, you can even win prizes. There is also information galore within the app thanks to prospect profiles for more than 500 post-collegiate players. You can even track when a player gets drafted.

Football Mock Draft HQ ($0.99)

Football Mock Draft HQ may not be offering the prizes or extra features that Draft Pik 2012 possesses, but if all you want to do is write up a mock draft and see if you’re smarter than your friends, it’s a nice, less expensive alternative option. As a bonus, there is a news feature that will keep you up-to-date on the latest draft happenings as they unfold. With over 2,500 mock drafts on the Football Mock Draft HQ, there’s plenty of prognosticating to pore over.

Pro Football Draft Insider (Free)

Pro Football Weekly’s official draft app is essential reading for the astute NFL fan. Features include a draft tracker, rumor mill, player ranking and numerous mock drafts. You’ll also find video analysis and round-by-round analysis as the draft continues throughout the weekend. Upgrading to the deluxe version of the app will also give you detailed scouting reports for each player.

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Draft Calc ($0.99)

Draft Calc seems like an app that would be more interesting to actual GMs than armchair ones. It calculates the value of your draft pick, so you can see if you’re getting the upper hand if you trade draft picks with another team. It does all of this based on actual picks for the 2012 and 2013 drafts. Still, if you want to make some arguments that your favorite team is blowing it when they trade away a fourth-rounder on the eve of the draft, Draft Calc can supply the ammo.

CBS Sports for iPhone (Free)

It might not be flashy, but if you want to keep up with the draft as it happens along with the rest of the news in the NFL and other sports too, CBS Sports for iPhone remains a very solid option. The app provides up-to-the-minute news on all major sports and will be keeping close tabs on the NFL draft. You can also watch video highlights, game previews and interviews right from the app.

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