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Aug 19, 2010

There are lots of apps out there — apps for sports fans, music lovers, techie nerds, game players. Though maybe your vibe is a little more hippie-dippy, artsy-fartsy, in which case, these mainstream apps probably don’t apply to your tastes. But do not fret. We have recently dug up a pile of quirky apps for the avant-garde. From art to oracles to animal wallpaper prints, find something that suits all the weird bones in your body.

Karma Art (99 cents)

The Karma Art app is as fun as the drawings are whimsical and adorable. Make a card, flier, note, memo or drawing using pre-loaded images and backgrounds. Choose from doodles of people, animals, clouds, flowers and scenery; add your own text, and bam, you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. You can save your new work of genius, which is cool, but you can’t send it to a friend via email or text, which is a bummer.

Goddess Inspiration Oracle (Free)

To receive inspiration from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle app, you are told to shake your iPhone/iPod gently, thus activating the oracle. The crystal ball sparkles, making a Tinkerbell-sounding noise that continues until you tap the ball twice, revealing your tarot card. An image of the card comes up, replete with the goddess’ name, her tarot name and the fortune she bears. Scroll down further to read about the meaning behind the card. Do this over and over until you’ve found the fortune that speaks to you, or you get sick of the tinkering noise.

artnear (Free)

It’s easy to forget how much amazing art is being shown in NYC all the time. But the free artnear app is a surefire reminder. It lists all the art shows that are happening in New York at galleries and museums big and small. The app is divided by neighborhood and includes all the essentials — Chelsea, the LES, the UWS, Williamsburg, DUMBO and more, plus they even list the important art havens just outside of NYC proper. Take the train or a drive to Wave Hill Gallery in the Bronx or the Newark Museum in New Jersey. Click on a gallery to get contact information and an address, plus locate it on a map. Also, search alphabetically by artist (notice, next to each artist’s name, it specifies whether the show is current or upcoming).

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Fengshui Secrets (99 cents)

Feng shui is one of those things you might or might not believe in, but if you’re on the fence, you might as well try it. It couldn’t hurt, right? The Fengshui Secrets app gives you a list of feng shui rituals, aka secrets, to help you get started. Check out general tips like “Keep mirrors clean and bright” and “Never plant a tree directly in front of your door.” In the kitchen, I learned that the best plants to grow are fresh herbs, and in the bathroom, the door must always be closed. Plus it’s essential to fix all leaky taps if you don’t want your strength and financial resources drained away.

All City Art ($1.99)

All City Art is a guide to “street art” aka graffiti. Find nearby galleries that specialize in graffiti art or art on the streets in your neighborhood. The very best part, search by artist and bring up the exact building or street corner where you can find this artist’s work. Find works by amazing artists like Swoon, Judith Supine and Obey and Banksy. Find places to load up on supplies, and search artworks by most recently added — which extends beyond local tag spottings to Paris, Berlin, Singapore and more.

9,999,999 Good Karma Ideas (Free)

If you’re looking for a list of ideas on how to boost your karma, you have come to the right app. Some are kind of no-brainers — “When good luck knocks, remember to answer” — but others are deep and philosophical. “Incredible, amazing luck awaits those who are willing to turn the corner.” This is the kind of good karma advice I can get behind — earn that good karma! Some of the advice gets slightly lost in translation, and the grammar isn’t perfect, but the sentiment is always there. The best part of this app? Periodically messages pop up reminding you, “Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to take action”!

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300+ amazing animal wallpaper HD offline (Free)

Thanks to this awesome app, a furry-faced koala bear now greets me when I turn my iPod on. Scroll through 87 pages of animal pics, with four mug — or pug — shots to a page. Choose from dolphins, snakes, tigers, squirrels, polar bears, penguins and many more feline and furry friends. Email them to a friend, add them to your favorites folder, or save them to your own device as wallpaper.

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