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iPhone apps for buying or baking your own desserts

Jul 9, 2012

Some of us are more than happy to buy our sweet treats at the store and leave the cake baking dexterity to the professionals. But, if you are looking for a new hobby or a way to impress your significant other, children, family and friends, improving your prowess in baking might just be the way to everyones’ hearts. So whether you prefer to order your chocolate and cupcakes from the local boutique or whip up a batch yourself, check out some of these delicious iPhone apps to sweeten your life a little.

The Video Cookbook – Patisserie and Desserts

If you just say no to pre-made sweets and take your dessert making very seriously, you will love The Video Cookbook – Patisserie and Desserts app for iPhone. It’s free to download this recipe and video instruction app but it costs more to add recipe packs as you work your way through. So whether you are looking to master the perfect meringue or just pick up some basic baking skills, you should check out this cooking app to sweeten the deal.

Wilton Cake Ideas & More

I love when people post pictures of cool homemade cakes on Pinterest. I gaze at the computer screen in awe of their baking prowess. If you love funky and fun cake designs, you will love the free Wilton Cake Ideas & More iPhone app. It includes over 3,000 treat design ideas for cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more – whoa, that’s a lot of sweets! This yummy app is full of techniques to help you improve your baking skills.

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Vegan Cup Cakes by Isa Moskowitz Lite

Vegans can have their cake and eat it too. For some people, it’s weird to think that animal products are in their cupcake. The design of this app is pretty basic but I love the ABCs of cupcakes and the instructional section on “How to make Kick-Ass Cupcakes.” To find recipes, put keywords in the search box or upgrade to the full version of this vegan app for full, easy access.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Everyone loves a Sprinkles cupcake! Be the first to get access to the secret word that will earn you a free mini cupcake at your local Sprinkles when you get alerts with this sweet app. You can also send virtual cupcakes to your friends (fewer calories!) or place orders for special occasions. Plus, it’s quick access to your local cupcake calendar so you always know what seasonal flavors are on tap for the next day.


The super-sweet ParisChocolat iPhone app asks the question: What kind of chocolate are you? Man or woman, this adorable app will recommend the perfect chocolate package for you based on your answer to its chocolate test. You can also peruse the ParisChocolat magazine and catalogue.

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