iPhone App Video Review: Combat Arms: Zombies

Jan 10, 2012
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Combat Arms: Zombies is a cool new shooter from Nexon. It’s a wave based arena shooter that reminds me of the PC indie hit The Killing Floor, though most people will probably compare it to the Call of Duty: Zombies games. Exhibiting quality graphics and a lot of content, but clunky control schemes and boring grind based gameplay; this title will probably appeal to as many people as it drives away.

There are some snippets of story in the dialogue, but I couldn’t tell you what any of it is. The dialogue boxes and other interface elements are miniscule and illegible. All you really need to know is that there are zombies and mutants that are swarming your location, and they need some help staying dead.

The gunplay is very basic. Moving, aiming, and shooting, plus reloading, sprinting, and equipping grenades are all you’ll have to worry about. There are tons of control methods to choose from, which is good, though many of them feel a bit clunky or unresponsive. Killing zombies and doing well will result in lots of money, which is used to purchase new guns and equipment, or just upgrades to your current arsenal. You can even purchase new characters with stat bonuses. Of course, you can buy extra currency through in-app purchases if you want to speed things along, which is understandable, as you’ll be grinding a lot in this game.

There are only two levels to speak of, although revisiting those levels at different difficulties will result in access to more areas within said levels. This aspect makes it very similar to Nazi Zombies. There is a lot of content to unlock, but the gameplay itself isn’t very exciting at all. It will take you a while to save up for any of the really fun guns, and it just isn’t worth the monotonous grind. The game can get hectic as you’re swarmed by zombies, but the difficulty comes from the clunky shooting and inaccurate guns more than anything else, and isn’t as fun as it could be.

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The Unreal engine graphics are dark and gritty, and also very consistent. Nothing really stands out as better looking than anything else. The visual aspects are what remind me of Killing Floor the most. The sound design and music are also well done. This is a solid game that could really use some tweaking and extra features to reach its potential. A few extra maps to add variety, and especially online cooperative multiplayer would make this app significantly more awesome. As it stands right now, I can’t recommend it unless you just love this kind of wave based shooter. It’s an iOS universal app which can be yours for a special introductory price of five dollars. If you’re interested, definitely grab it before the price goes up.

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