iOOTP Baseball 2013 tops iPhone Games of the Week

Apr 11, 2013

This week’s best games include a returning favorite – the latest iteration in the iOOTP Baseball series from Out of the Park Developments. iOOTP Baseball 2013 features lots of new features and upgrades for the new season, and is a must-own for any baseball fan. For non-baseball fans, we’ve got plenty of games for you, too. Everything from DC Comics superhero adventures to old school platformers to endless runners and even an endless RPG. Check it out!

iOOTP Baseball 2013 ($4.99)

The best mobile baseball game is back for the 2013 season with a host of updated and new features for gamers to sink their teeth into. Of course, iOOTP Baseball 2013 features real rosters for every major league team alongside the top 20 minor league prospects for each team. Player ratings are based on the PECOTA system from Baseball Prospectus. iOOTP has improved the play-by-play commentary, added brand new AI trading, and features a new player development system. If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball, you owe it to yourself to check this game out.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free)

The Injustice: Gods Among Us iOS game brings your comic book fantasies to life, at least assuming those fantasies involve having 3 on 3 battles between DC Comics superheroes and villains. Players collect cards based on characters like Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Superman and more. Once the cards have been collected, players level up their characters and increase their powers to get ready for a touch-based 3 on 3 battle. Injustice: Gods Among Us also features cross-platform functionality, as players can unlock items in the console version of the game and use them in the mobile version (and vice versa).

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The Other Brothers ($1.99)

If The Other Brothers, developed by 3D Attack Interactive, feels slightly familiar, you can just think a little harder about the name, which is a callout to the Mario Bros. series of games. But The Other Brothers is sort of Mario escalated. The game is pixel-animated, but everything looks more realistic than in a Mario game especially the enraged mobsters and cityscape backdrops. Each level has a familiar 3-star rating system, but The Other Brothers also features classic boss battles to challenge even the hardiest of gamers. This is a classic platformer that is bringing some new ideas to the table.

Slayin ($0.99)

Do you like those endless runner games but think they need a little more strategy and planning? How about an endless RPG? Enter Slayin from FDG Entertainment. In this unique app, players choose from one of three heroes (a knight, wizard, or knave) and go on an adventure slaying as many monsters as possible. Players will level up as they play, but once they die, that’s the end of the game. Slayin’ features retro graphics more than a hundred challenging quests to master over its three game modes.

Run Sheldon! (Free)

Run Sheldon! by Bee Square is a more standard endless runner than Slayin’, but it also features a bit more of an action element, as Sheldon can pick up power-ups and other items along his way to aid him as he attempts to evade the angry Hare Gang trying to catch him. Run Sheldon! features one button controls and there are over ten types of enemies in the game to give players a real challenge.

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