Inaugural 2013 leads iOS Apps of the Week

Jan 20, 2013

This week’s iOS apps of the week have a presidential vibe to them, but that could just be because we’re leading off with the Inaugural 2013 app. Our other apps of the week may not deal in inaugurations but they’re fun, too. This week we’re featuring an app to record video of your life a second at a time, an app to delegate chores, another to lose weight, and one to have a little fun with William Shatner. Check ‘em out!

Inaugural 2013 (Free)

Are you into big to-dos surround modern political events? Inaugural 2013 is your front row seat to every detail of the 2013 Presidential inauguration. You can view maps of the parade route, view a live video stream of the inauguration, or just follow the social media conversation surrounding the event,. Using Inaugural 2013 is like being at the Presidential inauguration without the horrendous Washington traffic or actual politicians crowding your personal space.

1 Second Everyday ($0.99)

Bucking the trend that ‘everything must be shared’ 1 Second Everyday instead offers up an app that attempts to privately catalogue a given time period in a person’s life one second at a time. Users can set a beginning and end date for the project alongside reminders to shoot a video each day. Once the video for each day is shot and the best second of video is chosen, the process repeats itself daily until the end date is met. It’s a simple way to capture a large amount of time in extremely small increments. While that may seem like a gimmick, it certainly makes 1 Second Everyday stand out in a crowded video recording app field.

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Chorma (Free)

Chorma is a fun, iPhone friendly way to organize your chores on a to-do list that you can share with and assign to other members of your household. Additionally, users can set up a reward system in Chorma so that once a specific goal is achieved, a reward reminder is triggered in the app. For example, a group dinner out would function as a reward for a week’s worth of completed chores.

Lose It! (Free)

Lose It! is an ideal app for anyone still sticking to a New Year’s resolution that involves trying to shed a few pounds. Interestingly enough, the health & fitness app focused on dropping weight is actually adding back some old features in its latest update. Lose It! now has an option to bring back the “simplified” workflow of its earlier iterations for users who haven’t enjoyed the app’s more recent updates. Additionally, Lose It! now features a daily nutrients section that makes it easier to keep track of daily nutritional intake.

Shatoetry ($0.99)

How much you love the vocal stylings of William Shatner will go a long way in how much you love Shatoetry. The app provides a list of words spoken by William Shatner that can be arranged any way you see fit. It’s a silly, frivolous app that reminds us that not every app has to take itself so seriously all the time. If you want a laugh at the Shat’s expense, here’s your chance.

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