Hundreds tops iPhone Games of the Week

Jan 3, 2013

It seems that end of year empty release schedule continues now into early 2013. There were not very many notable releases at all, but our top game of the week Hundreds is about as notable as they come. It’s a remake of a Flash game from the creator of Canabalt. We’ve also got a kooky endless runner, a solid turn-based strategy game, and a couple of racing games. Hopefully this is just a slow start to what should be an awesome 2013 for mobile gaming!

Hundreds ($2.99)

It’s not everyday that you get to play a game created by indie gaming rock-stars who have joined forces, but today is one of those days. Created by Adam Saltsman of Semi Secret Software, creator of Canabalt, and Greg Wohlwend, one half of Mikengreg of Solipskier and Gasketball fame, this game is minimalist puzzle fun. Your straightforward goal is to get all the circles in a level to add up to 100 without them colliding. That may not sound like much, but you’ve got to play it just to see why it’s so great. The puzzles are brilliantly designed, and I can tell you the soundtrack is just awesome.

Catch the Ark ($0.99)

Here we have yet another over-the-shoulder endless runner, but at least this one has a wonderful premise. Basically, you are three critters left behind by Noah’s Ark, and you’ve got to catch it before you drown horribly with all the dinosaurs. No seriously, there are dinosaurs here. It’s snarky, playful pokes at the Biblical story like that which make me admire what the game is going for, and while it won’t win any innovation awards, the gameplay is solid enough and the concept kooky enough to warrant a download.

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RAD Soldiers (Free)

After the flop-tastic console shooter BRINK, developer Splash Damage (also of Enemy Territory fame) have made the calculated move into the iOS realm with this turn based strategy title. Still, in a world where a brand new TBS games like X-COM: Enemy Unknown can be chart topper, maybe it’s time for strategy to make a real comeback. The game is free, relying on in-app purchases to make a profit, but it doesn’t browbeat you into giving money. All in all, it’s just a great strategy game with charm and style, as long as it actually works. There have been quite a few bugs.

Lego Legends of Chima: Speedorz (Free)

Here we have a somewhat random yet well-made Lego racing game. I’ll be frank with you here. I have no idea what the Legends of Chima really are, or if this has any ties to any previous Lego franchise. All I know is that it’s a solid racing game for all ages. As it should be when Lego is involved, you can customize your figurines and ‘speedor’ racing bikes before heading off to the jungle, canyon, and swamp tracks to race and post your best times. There is a lot to unlock here, and it should keep more casual audiences happy.

Repulze ($0.99)

Speaking of casual racers, lets hop over the fence to the hardcore gaming side of things. Repulze is a new Wipeout style futuristic racer, and unlike many of the other Wipeout style iOS racers we’ve seen, this one doesn’t seem to be a big let-down. With a handful of hovercrafts and almost ten tracks, this game is furiously fast and fun. Unfortunately, you’ll only get to race against the clock in this one, as there are no AI opponents or multiplayer functionality. Still, the core game is pretty excellent, and there is a lot more content planned in future updates (called Phases by the devs) which should bring much more than just new racetracks.

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