HopStop Transit Directions leads iOS Apps of the Week

Apr 13, 2013

Ready for some iOS apps of the week? I sure hope so, because we’ve got five new favorites for you to check out. First up, an update improved the crowdsourcing mass transit app called HopStop Transit Directions for iPhone. While it was previously just a transit direction app, it has now been updated with live crowd-sourcing from the community so users will know exactly what’s happening around them in real time. Our other apps of the week include a remix app, an update to a news aggregator, a golf app and one to find the closest yoga studio.

HopStop Transit Directions update (Free)

HopStop Transit Directions has been a big help to anyone still bothering to use the iPhone’s default map app since it updated and lost all transit information. But now HopStop is getting even more useful with its latest update and the addition of a feature called HopStop Live! lets users crowdsource transit information from within the app. Is a certain train line delayed or not operating? Ordinary apps would likely never tell you, but HopStop will. HopStop works for over 675 transit agencies, 17,000 lines and more than 500,000 stations across the world.

Ninja Jamm (Free)

Ninja Jamm is a remix app. That is, an app that lets you remix the music from artists on the Ninja Tune record label, like Amon Tobin and Coldcut. Users can use their fingers to touch or tilt the app to create their remixes and then share them via Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The idea behind Ninja Jamm is to make an app easy enough for novices to enjoy, but for expert DJs to get the chance to really go to town. Additional songs will also be released via in-app purchases for users who want to keep remix party going.

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Also on Appolicious

The American Society of Magazine Editors recently announced the 2013 National Magazine Awards. Zinio scoped out the finalists and hand-picked potential future winners.

Rockmelt: Discover the Best of the Internet update (Free)

Rockmelt, an app that lets you aggregate all the news you want, has received a big redesign for its third iteration. The primary change is the app’s design, which is now saturated in bright colors. While it may turn off those who want a more business-like approach to the news, it’s definitely a change up from most other news apps available. The other big addition is the app’s inclusion of social media tags. Users can comment on a story adding @replies to alert their Facebook friends of particular stories. They can also hashtag stories to keep up a conversation with other Rockmelt enthusiasts.

Tee19 (Free)

Do you consider yourself a major golf nut? Check out Tee19 and put that reputation to the test. The app lets golfers log their every golf move, from the courses they’ve played to the rounds they’ve shot. Users can also upload pictures of the course or their swing and add notes to the app with any bit of information their heart desires. Tee19 leaves it up to the user to share as much or as little as they want. You can be a social golfer or a hermit golfer who loves keeping private records.

om finder (Free)

If you’re on vacation and dying to find a spot for yoga, let om finder be your guide. Om finder helps you find yoga teachers, classes, studios and more. You can get information on the classes from local yogis and connect with the yoga community around you. Whether you use it as a guide or a yoga-specific social network, om finder is your spot for all things yoga.

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