Home Maintenance by BrightNest leads iOS Apps of the Week

Mar 29, 2013

With warmer weather means it’s time to get those to-do lists back out, and in this week we’ve got just the app to help. Home Maintenance by BrightNest will lead you into a number of household chores and help make sure you do them to the utmost satisfaction. Our other top apps are a little less work-intensive – they include an official app for The Colbert Report, an living scrapbook app, an app on Scotland’s wildlife and a stylish calculator app.

Home Maintenance by BrightNest (Free)

Fixing up your home doesn’t have to be a chore with Home Maintenance by BrightNest. The app can help you schedule tasks when it’s convenient for you, send helpful reminders for upcoming chores, and even give you customized tips for the tasks you’re trying to accomplish. Among the many things BrightHouse can assist you with are changing air filters, chalkboard paint ideas, unclogging showerheads, inspecting attics and basements, and cleaning a microwave with lemon. The app also syncs with the projects you’ve scheduled through BrightNest.com.

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The Colbert Report (Free)

Comedy Central’s faux news program The Colbert Report finally has an app and although it’s short on exclusive features, fans of the show should enjoy its ability to catch them up on segments they missed. Although full episodes are not available via the app, The Colbert Report does feature select videos from the show as well as a listing of classic segments sorted by quotes. A browsable archive of videos is also available in app and users can even set reminders for when the show airs so they’ll never miss it again. Videos can even be shared via Facebook, Twitter, text or email.

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Rego – Bookmark your favorite places (Free)

Rego lets you bookmark places on a private map that only you can see with more than just a red pushpin. You can document where they’ve been with photos and notes, like a living digital scrapbook, and also bookmark places you haven’t been. Note that while Rego is free to download (and lets you pin 10 places for free) the price for unlimited pinning is $0.99.

Scotland’s Big 5 (Free)

Did you know that Scotland was known in part for its exotic wildlife? I certainly did not. But Scotland’s Big 5 has changed all that. The app features photography, video, audio and facts on Scotland’s big five species. You’ll learn more about the golden eagle, harbour seal, red deer, red squirrel and otter than you ever thought possible.

Llumino ($1.99)

Llumino is the calculator app you can probably do without. Feature-wise, it doesn’t reinvent calculator apps in any way. It does archive the past 100 results in its history and its 10-digit display is robust, but where Llumino shines is in its design. It is a very nice looking calculator app. Its buttons, design and coloring give Llumino a look all its own. Is that enough to pay $1.99 for a new calculator app? Many would say no, but those who value style and design might find an app worth adding to their collection here.

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