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Have some medium-sized fun and big-time smiles with Tiny Troopers

Jun 19, 2012

Tiny Troopers is a cool new title from Kukouri Games, published by Chillingo. In it, you’ll guide soldiers through a cute and cartoon-styled warzone. The gameplay is pretty basic; not bad, but not particularly engaging, and there are a lot of interesting features. Unfortunately, there is a pretty big emphasis on in-app purchases, and the game seems a bit expensive compared to similar types of games.

Much like another Chillingo published game, Extraction: Project Outbreak, you’ll guide your soldiers through each battlefield and target enemies with simple taps, like a touch-controlled dungeon crawler. Gameplay-wise, the two games are very similar, though thematically and aesthetically different. As you play, you’ll rack up command points, your all-purpose currency for buying extra soldiers and weapons, like grenades and rockets. Command points also buy special types of soldiers, like grenadiers and medics, but these purchases are always one-time only. The only permanent upgrades come from special training, which you unlock and purchase by finding the hidden medals on each level. There are tons of in-app purchases to choose from, though they are optional.

Interestingly, each soldier has a name, and when they die, they die for good. Keeping them alive across many levels will allow them to rank up naturally, getting better accuracy and other stats. You have an endless supply of soldiers, but it was still a nice touch. In an attempt to give you more to actually do, you will only shoot enemies in short bursts, and must constantly tap on them as you strafe around to dodge their shots. Gameplay can be quite fun at times, but otherwise it’s pretty average. Missions mainly consist of killing everyone, destroying certain buildings, escorting people, and surviving behind enemy lines. There is a good amount of content though, and it’ll take a few hours to beat.

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The cartoon 3-D visuals are colorful and well-done, as is the sound. The soldiers will call out several cliché action hero lines and war cries in childish voices, which is pretty amusing. It’s also kind of disturbing, as some soldiers will bleed out slowly after being taken down, groaning in pain the whole time. Game Center achievements and leaderboards are also supported. All in all, it’s not a bad game. It can seem a bit expensive at three dollars, especially compared to similar one dollar games, though it is iOS Universal and has nicely-polished production values. Definitely worth checking out if you like similar titles.

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