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Have a saucy summer with these romantic iPhone apps

Jul 23, 2012

You finished all the Fifty Shades of Grey books and the “Bachelorette” rose ceremonies are almost over. Where are you going to turn for your summer dose of romance now? Well put down the books, turn off the television, and pick up your iPhone because we have just what the love doctor ordered in the form of some saucy and sexy iPhone apps.

5,000 Love Messages

Add some romance back into your relationship with fabulous ideas from the 5,000 Loves Messages app for iPhone ($0.99). This heart-warming app is filled with romantic ideas, love proverbs, sensual poems, cute e-cards and more. You can find the perfect flirty message to send your crush or get help with sayings for wedding vows and speeches. But why not travel the more romantic path and read the poems directly to your crush or significant other while out on your next date? Or better yet, tweet or text them line-by-line and deliver the last one at your own personal and private rose ceremony.

Tête à Tête

“If you think I am cute, circle yes.” Remember passing love notes in Middle School? The love letter is still where it’s at, folks. It is that one timeless piece of romance that you can shove in your underwear drawer and pull out a few years later to remember a piece of your love life past. So for whatever reason you stopped sending love notes, start again with the help of the Tête à Tête app for iPhone ($3.99).

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Bliss – The Game for Lovers

Tired of playing lame sexy games with your partner? Grab your sensual lover and play the Bliss app for iPhone ($11.99). The name of the game is romance and the object is intimacy. This game is perfect for couples who love to enjoy each other’s company in a fabulously romantic way (with a little help). The Bliss app is smart too, you can tell it what you like to wear and what you enjoy.


Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Try out the free Zoosk app for iPhone and iPad to join a social network of folks looking for a new summer love. Zoosk claims to deliver 25 million singles straight to your iPhone. Wink and message at Zoosk singles you find interesting or attractive to ramp-up your dating life ASAP. If you are coupled up, create a couple’s profile to share all your romantic moments with friends and families—please note, this may be very annoying to others.

Who Would You Date

Whether single or coupled everyone will have fun playing a lively round of the free Who Would You Date iPhone app. Live out your dating dreams with this fantasy app and get some inspiration to spice up your love reality. Create your own “playlist” of fantasy date names and see who is popular overall in the Who Would You Date? app. This sexy app is sure to sauce up a night at the bar.

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