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Goofy rejiggered Snuggle Truck makes for fun racing experience

May 8, 2011

Snuggle Truck is a tale of two games, sort of. On the PC, Snuggle Truck is Smuggle Truck, a racing game where you smuggle illegal immigrants across the board. Snuggle Truck is its PG-rated brother for the iPhone. Instead of sneaking illegal immigrants across the boarder, you bring tiny animals that fit in the back of your truck to the zoo.

It is as silly as it sounds, in every way. The game gets its difficulty from its exaggerated physics engine. So when you hit a bump, the animals in your truck go flying in the air, and it’s your job to collect them before they hit the ground. If you do manage to save one you’ll be treated to giant text exclaiming “Fuzzy!” As far as rewards go, it’s not too bad.

Finishing courses isn’t exactly a challenge in the earlier levels, although the challenge of making it to the end of the course with most of your animals still in your truck is much trickier than it sounds. Once the later courses kick in, you really begin to appreciate the creativity of the level design.

There are courses where it seems almost impossible to avoid losing your animals to various dynamite explosions or absurd cliff drops, but that sort of challenge makes the game fun to come back to in short bursts.

Snuggle Truck might not be the most challenging racing game, but the re-imagined concept makes for a delightfully strange gameplay experience. That and some colorful visuals combine for a solid iPhone racing game. It’s not Gran Turismo, but Snuggle Truck will put a smile on your face.

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