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Mar 11, 2013

Sitting down with a cup of green tea and the latest fashion magazines is one of my favorite Sunday relaxation techniques. But, I can’t always be near to my overflowing bookshelf of the latest crop in fashion news. What’s a stylish girl to do? Download all your must-read fashion magazine news via iPhone and iPad apps for when you are a trendy girl on the go. Here are five fabulous apps to get you started.

Zinio (Free)

Do you read a ton of fashion magazines every month? Then, you may want to indulge in an all-inclusive magazine reading iPhone and iPad app such as Zinio. While the Zinio app is free to download, you must purchase separate subscriptions for each magazine. Zinio also allows you the ability to buy one magazine at a time, which is a nice bonus if you want to try a new fashion magazine you’ve never read before. You can also read the magazines from your personal computer so you are never digitally far away from your favorite fashion news. And, having one app for all your magazine reading is a lot easier than managing multiple app downloads each month.

Vogue Daily News (Free)

Can’t get enough of Vogue magazine? Accessing the quintessential fashion magazine on the go with your iPad is really easy, and iPad owners can download a full version of each monthly magazine on their device for free or non-subscribers can purchase each monthly magazine. In addition, iPad users and iPhone-only owners can get their Vogue fix via the free Vogue Daily News app. This stylish app is updated daily with the latest news on all things chic and trendy plus people and party photos, too. If you are like Carrie Bradshaw and forgo lunch for your monthly Vogue purchase, definitely check out this sophisticated app.

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Harper’s Bazaar UK (Free)

One of the best parts about fashion magazines going mobile is the increased access to more worldly options. Now, instead of just reading the U.S.’s version of Harper’s Bazaar, you can find the UK version with an enhanced iPhone and iPad app in the iTunes Store. How cool is that? Downloading the Harper’s Bazaar UK iPhone and iPad app is free, but you do have to pay for a subscription option to view the content. But if you are looking for some trendy inspiration outside the normal, trying out a foreign fashion magazine is definitely a great way to spice up your wardrobe options and impress your friends and family. Or, use the app to prep and pack for a trip overseas!

ELLE Magazine UK (Free)

The UK fashion magazines definitely seem to have the monopoly on apps for iPhone and iPad. Check out the uber chic ELLE Magazine UK iPhone and iPad app to get your monthly dose of seriously stylish fashions. Think the latest styles as scene on Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and Kate Middleton. The app is free to download and then you need to purchase the issue you would like or a subscription. Plus, if you already subscribe to the U.S. version of ELLE, getting the UK app version is a fabulous way to branch out.

WWD: Women’s Wear Daily (Free)

Any fashionista worth her stilettos knows that the fashion bible is Women’s Wear Daily. If you are super serious about fashion and/or looking for a job in the field, you definitely want to keep up with this industry magazine. It’s a whole lot easier now that you can access the WWD: Women’s Wear Daily app on both your iPhone and iPad!

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