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Get input from friends on clothes, accessories with Pose iPhone app

Feb 7, 2011

Getting sartorial advice from friends while shopping is almost as important as the purchase itself. And with the Pose iPhone app (free), you can rest assured you will never go shopping alone again, even if your posse isn’t in the dressing room, or even in the store, with you. For a guy’s take on Pose, check out Dan Kricke’s review.

The app includes a camera feature, which is where you will start building your style feed. Snap a photo of the item in question; then add the price and the store where you found it.

You then load the item onto the Pose feed, for all other Pose users to check out. Participants can vote whether they “love it,” and help you seal the deal.

If you’re too broke to go shopping this month, but still need your retail fix, then log in to the app and check out what other people are considering adding to their wardrobe.

For those who think they need fashion advice, the app includes a feature that showcases what a select few stylists like. That way, you can see what stores and items are on trend, and follow suit.

Pose includes both public and private settings, so if you want to restrict your sharing to a few select friends, you’re free to do so. And of course, the app can be used for more than just clothes. If, for example, you’re contemplating a set of dish towels as a wedding gift for a friend, you’ll be able to consult with other guests via Pose.

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