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Get fabulous fall fashions for less with these iPhone apps

Sep 4, 2012

Fashionable style these days is all about knowing how to mix what you have, adding trendy pieces occasionally, and not breaking the bank while making your (what looks like) effortless street-style happen. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. To keep up that fashionable appearance while on a budget, peruse these iPhone apps meant for savvy and stylish fall shoppers on the go.


Make your fashionable mark this fall for less with the free Poshmark app for iPhone. It’s a savvy way to shop your social media friends’ closets. It’s basically a fashionable eBay in an iPhone app just for fashionable friends. Post gently used and still fashionable pieces for your friends to make an offer on and then, bid on their cool stuff you have been eyeing for months! Investing a little more in shoes and handbags usually begets you a better selling price later so keep that in mind when shopping for new fall pieces. My shopping motto: How much can I resell it for in a year?

Fashion Kaleidoscope

The free Fashion Kaleidoscope iPhone app is your answer to the question: what in the world am I going to wear today? This seriously fashionable app is filled with everyday style inspiration you can imitate in real life from actual people around the globe. From hipsters in Portland to café girls in Paris, find the style you most admire and create a fall fashion statement that is all your own. Then, purchase your favorite pieces via links in this savvy style app. Finally, spread your newly-minted style around the globe by sharing pictures with the Kaleidoscope app.

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PINK Nation

We all have our “I just want to wear sweats” moments. And, there is one shopping task I look forward to more than anything in fall: the annual new sweats and yoga pants order! With the free PINK Nation app for iPhone you can easily shop for your new fall lounge apparel from Victoria’s Secrets PINK line, which includes college and NFL apparel perfect for at-home tailgating on the couch. The crafty app is also filled with fun games and deals for new duds.

Topshop US

Looking to stock up on this season’s trends for less than typical department store prices? The best place for trendy but still quality fashion shopping these days is Topshop. If you don’t have one of these lovely stores in your U.S. town yet, never fear, you can shop on your iPhone with the free Topshop US app. You can view Topshop’s blog feed and Tumblr with this chic app so you have even more inspiration to build a one-of-kind fall wardrobe for the fraction of the price of a designer handbag. Think lace dresses, faux leather, and printed pants for fall standout pieces.


With the innovations in makeup and nail design these days, you can make a basic and old little black dress really pop like new by simply buying new eyeliner. Learn some tricks of the trade this fall with the free Beautylish app for iPhone. This pretty app will help you brush up on your beauty skills to spruce up your fall fashions without maxing out your credit card.

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