Gemini Rue tops iPhone Games of the Week

Apr 18, 2013

This week’s list is led by a game that was a huge hit on PC before finally making its way to iOS. Gemini Rue features exciting gameplay and a story to match as players try to solve a mystery involving assassins and other shady characters. Our other top games this week include a golfing game, a puzzle game featuring mucus, a strategic war game and an update to a great platformer!

Gemini Rue ($3.99)

Dubbing itself a sci-fi noir adventure, Gemini Rue should be of great interest to fans of classic action games. Rue tells the story of Azriel Odin, an ex-assassin who gets into trouble and has to seek help from criminals he previously worked for. Gemini Rue won numerous awards in 2010 and 2011 on the PC, and now players can enjoy the experience on their iPhones. The visuals are reminiscent of old school action games, but the story is where gamers will get hooked.

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GolfStar (Free)

GolfStar is a nice-looking physics-based golf game that anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re a nut for The Masters every year or just dipping your toes into golf for the first time, GolfStar presents a challenge for every type of gamer. The realistic ball physics of terrain height, ball impact angle and temperature, wind and humidity effects make the game realistic but various skill levels also make the game accessible to novices. There are five different modes of play including a Career, Online Match, and Training.

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Gesundheit! update ($0.99)

First of all, Gesundheit! Is not a game about being respectful to people sneezing, though wouldn’t that be interesting! No, it is an action-puzzle game starring a colorful, hand-drawn pig. Players run through levels using touch screen controls requiring no on-screen buttons or virtual D-pad while earning character ability upgrades that enable their pig to perform all sorts of new actions.

RAD Soldiers (Free)

RAD Soldiers gives players the opportunity to command their own military unit through exciting turn-based strategy battles against real life friends or computer-controlled squadrons. Each soldier has unique special abilities to help them in battle and the game brings a light-hearted and humorous tone to war games. Like other strategy games, characters can level up throughout the game in order to master new abilities, and players can unlock new soldiers, weapons and outfits as they play.

Rayman Jungle Run update ($2.99)

One of the absolutely best looking iPhone games is back with a bulky update. Rayman Jungle Run has added 20 new platform-jumping levels featuring all sorts of exciting calamities, including a pirate ship themed level, a “Land of the Livid Dead” level, and more. Rayman can unlock new abilities as players advance throughout the game and save their progress using a cloud save system that has multiple save slots.

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