Frivolous falling fowls arrive in Drop the Chicken for iPhone

Apr 6, 2011

If you’re looking for a challenging physics-based puzzle game with great graphics and humor, then you should definitely pick up Drop the Chicken. This game is wonderfully infuriating with its devilishly clever puzzles. I’ve honestly never been so happy to be so mad.

It’s another physics-based puzzle game extremely reminiscent of Cut the Rope, but with no cutting. There is a chicken at the top of the screen, and a combination of a nest, a bunch of flies, several movable objects and various hazards below. The goal is to set the movable objects into a Rube Goldberg machine that will carry the chicken through all of the flies and into the nest. You get to use objects, like bouncy trampoline pads facing different angles, wooden boards, conveyor belts, fans, balloons and teleporting knotholes, to name a few.

The game works kind of like golf, in that you have to get all the flies and get to the nest in a certain number of drops in order to get three stars, just like a par. If you collect all the flies, but go over par, you get two stars; if you don’t get all the flies, you receive one star. The flies are the name of the game here. Figuring out the right combination of mechanics only to go over par and having to remember exactly  how everything was placed will make your brain hurt, as well as your fist from punching walls in rage. Just try not to “Hulk out” on your iPhone. It’s a perfect combination of challenge and fun.

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Like Cut the Rope, this game is packed with charm and cuteness, mainly found in the chicken and its idle animations. Figuring out the puzzles on your first try will almost certainly result in an audible celebration possibly accompanied by a fist pump. This game is very satisfying. At only a buck, it’s definitely worth a download.

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