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Fresh iPhone Games for Dec. 17: Real Racing 2, TRON Legacy, World of Goo

Dec 17, 2010

We’re still reeling from the big game launch this week, and have three more noteworthy apps for you to look into today. Real Racing 2 has some very real-looking racing action and supports what might be the iPhone’s highest number of players in its online mode. We’ve also got a racing and shooting title that lets you take control of the vehicles of TRON, and an indie hit from the PC and Wii platforms that’s migrated to the iPad.

Real Racing 2 (iPhone, iPad) $9.99

Guess what? The sequel to Firemint’s realistic iOS racing sim is even more real. With some intense 3D graphics and a lot of power behind its engine, Real Racing 2 might very well be your best option for racing on an Apple device.

The game apparently packs something like 10 hours of racing gameplay, and can now support 16 racers on a single track — even in Real Racing 2’s online multiplayer mode. It also contains around 30 real-world cars for you to take out and put through their paces, and some strengthened opponent AI so you’ll always feel a bumper on your back.

TRON: Legacy (iPhone) $0.99

Disney’s app to go along with the release of the new film puts you behind the controls (keyboard?) of a couple of the TRON world’s iconic vehicles, both in single-player combat and racing levels, and in online multiplayer that supports head-to-head racing on 16 different tracks.

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The app includes races with TRON’s iconic lightcycles, in which you’re not only going for speed, but you have to avoid those killer light walls that trail behind the racers; and rail shooting stages as you play gunner on one of the big clamp-shaped recognizers. Both use tilt and touch controls to speed up, slow down, target and fire. TRON: Legacy also comes with Game Center support, leaderboards and achievements to round out the experience.

World of Goo (iPad) $9.99

This puzzler has previously appeared on PCs and as a downloadable WiiWare title on Nintendo’s Wii console, and in both iterations the indie title has earned a ton of fans. Simplicity is king in World of Goo, where the object is to build things out of goo, in order to, more or less, link one spot to another.

You’ll get 48 levels of goo-building addictive puzzle-solving goodness. You’ll also get Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards. If you like puzzlers, this is one you won’t want to pass up.

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