Fresh iPhone Apps for Oct. 24: Swackett, SilverWiz, Bring Me Sandwiches!! Whale Trail

Oct 24, 2011

Get prepared for your week with today’s leading fresh iPhone app, Swackett. This weather app will make it easy to plan your wardrobe so you’ll be prepared for just how warm (or cold) it might be on a given day. Next up, use SilverWiz to make a budget, see your expenses and manage your finances. Bring Me Sandwiches!!, a puzzle-platformer in which you have to feed an alien visitor or risk its wrath, leads our games offerings today, along with Whale Trail, a side-scrolling running game in which you play a flying whale on a magic rainbow.

Swackett (iPhone, iPad) Free

There are lots of weather apps in the iTunes App Store, and they can be really useful for finding out information like the temperature, the wind speed, the barometric pressure and more. But they can’t always tell you what you really need to know: namely, what you should be wearing when you go out. That’s where Swackett comes in. It’s a weather app that provides the same kind of information you’ve come to expect, but with an emphasis on being prepared for your day.

Swackett’s information is presented in the form of “peeps,” which are graphical stick-man representations that show you what clothes you should wear. The app uses temperature, radar and other information to give you an educated guess as to how the weather of the day will feel. You also get all the same “weather-junkie” information you’d expect, with everything from the current temperature to the dew point.

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SilverWiz (iPhone, iPad) $2.99

Manage your money with SilverWiz, a personal finance manager filled with features. The app lets you track four different kinds of accounts – checking, savings, credit and cash – and allows you to keep track of the money you spend and earn, who you owe and what you pay each month for things like bills.

SilverWiz makes it easy to create budgets, and it’ll allow you to generate interactive reports that let you see financial projections for any given day in the future based on your past spending and bills. You can track your transactions as well as your expenses, and basically get all the information you need to keep track of all your monetary information.

Bring Me Sandwiches!! (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

An alien has landed on Earth, and it’s threatening to destroy everything unless it’s fed. You’re just the person for that job because you’re employed at a local fast food joint and since the monster is demanding sandwiches, you need to provide them. In Bring Me Sandwiches, you run around with a slice of bread, gathering up anything you can to put into a sandwich to feed the alien and keep it happy.

You’re scored in each level by how fast you can meet the requirements for sandwiches, as well as how well you avoid getting hit by hostile characters and other items. Bring Me Sandwiches is primarily a platformer and puzzle game, and includes Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards.

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Whale Trail (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Taking a page from side-scrolling arcade titles like Tiny Wings, Whale Trail is a bit of a trippy jaunt in which you play a whale given the power of flight by a magic rainbow. Your goal is to keep flying for as long as possible by gathering rainbow orbs along the way and dodging malevolent storm clouds that can hurt you. The more orbs you pick up, the higher your score and the further you fly; fail to grab them or hit too many clouds, and you’ll fall to your death.

Whale Trail is a running title played with just one button – touch the screen and your whale will climb and eventually do a loop, but let go and it’ll drop. You can also gather up multipliers throughout the game by collecting stars that will eventually make you invincible, so you can plow through clouds and score even more points to unlock achievements and place high on the Game Center leaderboards.

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