Fresh iPhone Apps for Oct. 19: IMDb Buzz, LikeList, Word vs Word, Zombie Parkour Runner

Oct 19, 2011

Keep up on the latest in entertainment news with the help of IMDb Buzz, the online movie information website’s source for celebrity and film industry news. It leads the latest apps to hit the iTunes App Store, followed closely by LikeList, an app for finding local businesses in your area and sharing them with others. Word game nuts will enjoy Word vs Word, a multiplayer word-guessing game, and for you zombie fans, check out Zombie Parkour Runner, an endless runner that mixes in jumping over obstacles and the undead.

IMDb Buzz (iPhone, iPad) Free

You probably know about the Internet Movie Database as an online source for all kinds of information about film, from what they’re about to the people involved in making them. IMDb Buzz uses that wealth of information to bring you entertainment news about the industries of film and television, and the celebrities involved in them. The app aggregates news from lots of sources and is filled with stories as they happen.

You also get a lot of other entertainment coverage besides just news. IMDb Buzz includes things like red carpet photographs and images from TV shows and movies. You can customize what news comes your way from within the app to follow specific celebrities or projects, and get direct access to the IMDb’s informational database, too. And all your favorite stories can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

LikeList (iPhone, iPad) Free

Find the perfect business in your area for whatever you need with LikeList, an app that lets you search for business around you and get a sense of what’s good and what isn’t from the opinions of others. LikeList uses your device’s GPS capabilities to allow you to search the area around you. Once you find the business you’re looking for, you can check out reviews from your other LikeList friends, from locals, or from both.

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You can “like” businesses whose services you enjoy from within the app, and that allows any friends or followers of yours to see your favorite businesses from anywhere in the country. Businesses you find that other people recommend you can also save to your “Try It” list, which then allows you to remember them for later. You can also access information like phone numbers for your lists quickly and easily, so once you’ve added a business, it’ll be easy to get in contact with it to use it again.

Word vs Word (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Ready for a new word game obsession? Word vs Word is a word game in which two players take turns trying to guess one another’s “secret word.” To do so, you type in a word with the same number of letters (the number is defined at the outset, and determines the game’s difficulty) to take a guess. The game then tells you how many of your letters were correct. You use that information to make more and more guesses, eliminating letters and identifying the ones you’re looking for, until one of you guesses the word and wins the game.

Word vs. Word can be played online with friends or random opponents using an Internet connection. It also includes a solo mode, so you won’t need an opponent to start guessing. It also tracks your stats and lets you view your game history, and even teaches you the definitions of the words you guess in each game.

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Zombie Parkour Runner (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

A one-touch endless running title, Zombie Parkour is all about careful timing. As you run through each stage, you’ll need to do your best to jump to avoid falling to your death, collect coins, run along billboards, vault over obstacles, and squash zombies, all executed with a tap. The more stuff you gather and the faster you move through each side-scrolling level, the higher your score at the end.

You get 20 levels with Zombie Parkour, plus 16 zombies to smash along the way. It also includes Game Center support, which provides you with achievements and online leaderboards on which to measure your skills against other players all over the world.

*Full disclosure: Zombie Parkour Runner is made by Up Up Down Down Games, a subsidiary of Break Media, which owns, for whom I write about video games. My affiliation with Break is how I found out about the game, but that’s all the interaction I’ve had with anyone from Break regarding it. I paid for it and enjoyed it, which is why it’s included here.

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