Fresh iPhone apps for Mar. 6: Leap, Camera Awesome, Word Poker, Big Win Soccer

Mar 6, 2012

Take your iPhone photography and videography up a bit by adding Camera Awesome to your app library. It packs editing tools, touch-up capabilities, filters and more to help you get the most of your images. Then, you can use your shots with Leap, an app that lets you challenge your friends to photo-snapping scavenger hunt competitions. Word Poker will keep you busy with a new game, combining elements of Scrabble, Boggle and Five-card Stud to give players a new challenge; as will Big Win Soccer, a card-based simulator that lets you play online against human opponents.

Leap (iPhone, iPad) Free

Social photography app Leap is a little turns snapping shots with your iPhone into a bit of an impromptu scavenger hunt. The app lets you snap and share photos with friends, as well as challenge your friends to find and capture shots that let them compete. Each group of challenges has a different theme, and photos shot in each one can easily be shared with Facebook and Twitter.

You can try lots of different challenges and bring your friends into the game as well, allowing you to play along with friends from Facebook. Challenges range from finding cool things to do on a Friday night to eating healthier, as the app’s developers explain, so Leap can give you a lot to do while also giving your iPhone’s camera a workout and putting all those Facebook photos to good use.

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Camera Awesome (iPhone, iPad) Free

The hot new camera app in the iTunes App Store is Camera Awesome, and with good reason. The “awesome” in Camera Awesome refers to its one-touch photo touch-up capabilities. Just hit the app’s touch-up button and it instantly adjusts color, saturation, brightness and other levels and effects on your photos to punch them up and make them look a lot better.

Camera Awesome includes more than just clean-up software, however. It also supports video and packs some photo editing capabilities and filters that allow you to turn your images into something new and different. And users can instantly share their shots across social networks, either automatically or with a single button push.

Word Poker (iPhone, iPad) Free

What’s better than an App Store word game or an iOS poker title? How about a puzzler that combines the best of both? That’s Word Poker, a game mixing the vocabulary prowess necessary for games such as Words With Friends and Scrabble, with the gambling draw of poker. The rules are similar to Boggle in a way – you’re given five cards, each featuring a letter, at the start of each round and take turns betting based on how strong you think or hand is. You can fold if you’re not confident or bet high to bluff, just like in poker.

Once the chips are in, players race the clock to come up as many words as possible from their group of five letters. More points are divvied out for words with more letters in them, and whoever finishes with the most points wins the pot. As you gather chips and best opponents, you can track your progress (and how you stack up against other players) on Word Poker’s Game Center leaderboards.

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Big Win Soccer (iPhone, iPad) Free

Soccer simulation Big Win Soccer also includes cards, much like the Word Poker above. Part card game and part simulator, players gather cards in Big Win that allow them to build and customize teams. You’ll use players cards to populate the field, then give them an edge by playing skill cards and event cards to try to win soccer matches.

Big Win lets you take the game online to compete against other players and earn points as you go, which allow you to get new cards and improve your team. It also has a daily trophy you can compete for online, plus Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards.

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