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Fresh iPhone Apps for July 31: Weather HD 2 Free, HipGeo update, Jurassic Park Builder

Jul 31, 2012

We’ve got some solid updates to start your Tuesday. Up first is a big update to Weather HD that brings a whole new version of the app, with 3-D maps and animations to bring you better weather information. Travel app HipGeo also received an update, adding video capabilities and creating travelogues based on locations from the experiences, photos and videos of its users. Finally, Jurassic Park Builder turns the 1992 classic film into a game in which you create your own dinosaur park, paddock by paddock.

Weather HD 2 Free (iPhone, iPad)

A big update to forecast info app Weather HD brings about a whole new iteration of the program, packing all kinds of weather information into a single place with a whole new design and experience. Weather HD 2 provides the elements the app had before, like forecasts for the week and even for the next 24 hours, plus coverage for tons of locations.

In the new update, Weather HD 2 (full version available for $0.99) brings 3-D weather maps in HD, push notifications that can bring you severe weather alerts, and a full range of new weather animations. You can also link in to a number of new social features, like sharing the weather near you and catching the weather your friends are experiencing to help you make plans, or following live weather tweets to bring you information from the ground from just about anywhere. You can also add in additional weather information from Accuweather and MeteoGroup with an in-app purchase, to make the app even more comprehensive.

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HipGeo – Travel Blog and Trip Journal update (iPhone, iPad) Free

Travel app HipGeo is bringing new features to its app and website to help you see the story of your travels and those of your friends and family. The app was already designed for allowing users to share photos and stories from their travels, and includes capabilities that let you post from wherever you are. If you don’t happen to have a Wi-Fi or 3G signal, the app saves your updates for when you do.

HipGeo’s update brings video to the party, allowing users to shoot short clips and share them along with their other travelogue items. The HipGeo website and app also now gather all the photos, video and text from a single location and aggregate it together, so you can not only get the story of your friends’ travels, you can get a sense of what a place is like from the experiences of others.

Jurassic Park Builder (iPhone, iPad) Free

The latest in management building sims puts you in the middle of the 1992 movie Jurassic Park’s titular Costa Rican theme park, and it’s your job to build the attractions and fill the park with dinosaurs. The game includes all the characters you’d expect, plus some pretty great graphics and sound clips from the film series. Just like in the movies, you’ll need to be careful to keep your dinosaurs from escaping and wreaking havoc.

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Jurassic Park includes more than 30 dinosaur species whose DNA you’ll need to locate and research before they can be added to your park. The game also includes Facebook connectivity, which means you can visit and contribute to the parks of your friends and they to yours, and Game Center connectivity for more social interaction.

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