Fresh iPhone Apps for Feb. 3: Wunderkit, LeDainian Tomlinson, Blot, Gorilla Gondola

Feb 3, 2012

Get the most productivity out of your weekend with today’s Fresh iPhone App, Wunderkit. It marries the standard productivity features like to-do lists with social media. It’s followed by the official app of LeDianian Tomlinson, filled with 16 workouts the NFL running back uses to get keep his speed and strength. Endless runner Blot leads the weekend’s game selections, bringing a great art style and challenging gameplay, along with Gorilla Gondola, a physics game that requires some different thinking from the standard fair.

Wunderkit (iPhone, iPad) Free

Wunderkit is a task management app that combines to-do lists with social networking. You can keep track of everything you’re working on in the app, creating “workspaces” for your projects, and contains a number of smaller apps that help to amp up your productivity along the way.

The coolest thing about Wunderkit is its collaborative features. You can invite your friends from social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, to join in on your projects, and you can comment on the task updates of your friends as well. It really adds an additional dimension (and a little motivation) to the traditional task organization app.

LeDainian Tomlinson (iPhone, iPad) $3.99

Workout like an NFL running back with LeDainian Tomlinson, an app filled with workouts used by the star player to prepare for games all season. The app contains 16 workouts, divided into four phases, and each is designed to help build speed, explosiveness and power over time.

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Each exercise contains step-by-step instructions and videos of Tomlinson to help you get the moves right. There’s also a feature that lets you track your stats over time, so you can see your improvement and places you might need additional work as you write down your reps and weights. Finally, the app packs news streams about Tomlinson to keep you up to speed on how he’s performing on the field.

Blot (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

A beautiful art style and challenging gameplay set apart Blot from other members of the endless running genre. The controls are pretty simple: as the protagonist ink blot who glides across a lined paper world of obstacles and power-ups, you need to avoid crashing by rising and dropping on the screen. Touching the screen makes Blot rise, letting go makes him fall, just like in similar games such as Jetpack Joyride.

You’ll collect coins in Blot, as well as attempt to get as far as possible, in order to raise your score every time out you play through the game. There are also a mess of power-ups you can grab to make life easier (or harder) as you play. But the best reason to play Blot is that it’s tougher than many other members of the genre, and requires a deft touch to play well.

Gorilla Gondola (iPhone, iPad) $1.99

Arcade physics title Gorilla Gondola requires a different way of thinking than many other members of its genre. You play a gorilla riding on a cable car through this side-scroller, and you’re scored by how well you can snag bananas floating in the air while dodging obstacles like trees and cliff sides. To do that, you’ll need to jump up and slam back down on the car to get it bouncing in the right directions, which requires a different kind of thinking than most physics games.

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Gorilla Gondola includes eight levels of obstacles and bananas to collect, and a hand-painted art style that complements the gameplay and soundtrack. It also has full Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements, so you can see how good you are compared to other Gorilla players around the world.

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