Fresh iPhone Apps for Feb. 28: Adobe Photoshop Touch, StyleTag, Lume, Elf Defense Eng

Feb 28, 2012

Adobe has just launched a brand-new iPad version of its industry standard Photoshop image editing software. Adobe Photopshop Touch brings Photoshop to your tablet with touch controls, plus lots of iOS-specific features. It leads today’s Fresh Apps list, followed by StyleTag, a social network that lets users share their outfits with others and follow styles and trends. It’s perfect for fashionistas everywhere. Point-and-click adventure Lume is definitely worth a look for game fans because of its imaginative art style, as is Elf Defense Eng, a tower defense game with a cute graphical take on a tried-and-true genre.

Adobe Photoshop Touch (iPad) $9.99

The well-known graphical editing software formally reserved for more powerful computers has finally found its way to the iPad 2, with a version optimized for Apple’s tablet. Adobe Photoshop Touch allows users to do quite a bit of graphical editing just about anywhere, using just touch controls; but the app also includes the well-known features of Photoshop, like filters and layers.

Photoshop Touch also includes a few tablet-specific features to make editing while out in the world even easier. Projects can be uploaded to Adobe’s “Creative Cloud” service using an Internet connection and accessed later, and you can also search for images using a Google Image search to pull them into the program. Photoshop also supports AirPrint, making it easier to print your projects when you’re finished.

StyleTag – Fashion SNS (iPhone, iPad) Free

Fashonistas, StyleTag is an app you need to check out. A social network that’s all about sharing your fashions with others keen on clothes and accessories, StyleTag lets you snap photos of your outfits to show off online, while also giving you the ability to check out and comment on the looks of others as well.

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In addition to seeing what your friends are wearing and sharing, StyleTag also lets you customize your social network feed to pipe in updates from your favorite brands, designers, styles and trends. The apps ports a community of better than 300,000 users, which can show you what’s hot in fashion before it even takes off. Plus, the app lets you share what you find and what you wear on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Lume (iPhone, iPad) $1.99

Lume is a point-and-click adventure title that has players working to help Lumi fix her grandfather’s house after his power goes out. To do that, players have to solve a number of puzzles, since apparently Grandad likes to make every lock in his house a brain teaser for Lumi to solve. Like other adventure titles, you’ll sometimes find clues in the environment or tools you’ll carry until you need them later.

Art style is one of the more notable things about Lume. It’s presented in a 2.5-D style, which is to say not-quite two-dimensional, and has a pop-up book look and feel that helps to draw players into its somewhat fantastical world. It’s challenging without being too extremely difficult, although the game could use a hint system for when you find yourself stuck. That said, Lume is definitely worth a look for adventure fans.

Elf Defense Eng (iPhone, iPad) $2.99

Sure, there are tons of tower defense games in the iTunes App Store, but how many of them are cute? Elf Defense certainly fits that bill. The game’s graphical style has you controlling goofy little elf towers and fighting off encroaching human enemies by keeping them from reaching your tree base. There are 100 types of enemies in all. It’s standard tower defense fare, but Elf Defense manages to make tried and true mechanics feel new again with its style.

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There’s a wide variety of units and towers you can employ against your enemies, and Elf Defense also employs an in-game item store, where you can buy things that will change the way your towers react and fight. Elf Defense also includes Game Center support, which provide achievements to let you gauge your defensive strategy skills.

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