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Fresh iPhone Apps for Feb. 15: Deals by Citysearch, 4DCalendar, SideReel

Feb 15, 2011

Deals by Citysearch, the leader of today’s Fresh Apps List, is an app that can find you local deals and put them on your iPhone’s map for you. We’ve got the details about it, as well as a couple of other cool apps: 4DCalendar, which will integrate your day calendar with your map to show you where your appointments are, and SideReel, an app dedicated to keeping track of your favorite TV shows and letting you know when they’re playing. Take a look below.

Deals by Citysearch (iPhone) Free

Like many other location-based deals services, Deals by Citysearch uses your iPhone’s GPS to find local deals and fill them in on your device’s map. You can browse deals by category and filter what appears on your map based on several different criteria, and you can also change the location shown on the map and Deals will automatically fill in the deal information.

Deals also contains a lot of other cool features — you can use Airprint in iOS 4.2 to print coupons wirelessly, activate directions to the deal you’re trying to use, save deals for later and even integrate Groupon deals into your readout.

4DCalendar: Maps + Calendar (iPhone, iPad) $3.99

You can use 4DCalendar to organize events in the standard list format, arranged by times during the day, or you can use it to show where you have to be and when — the app will automatically plug in your appointments into your iPhone’s map app, allowing you to see where your destinations are located, what you’re doing there, and what time you need to arrive.

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The app integrates with your existing Calendar database to provide you with notifications about your appointments, and 4DCalendar will sync with services such as Outlook and Google Calendar as well. It takes all that information and plugs it into the map for you, allowing you to get the best benefit out of multiple apps from one screen.

SideReel (iPhone) Free

SideReel helps you keep track of your favorite TV shows, creating a calendar of listings so you can see when your favorite programs are showing. The app will zip you notifications when your shows are airing, and the app contains a database of more than 24,000 programs to search through, so you’re pretty well guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

SideReel lets you mark off the episodes of what you’ve seen of your favorite programs so you can keep track of your progress through them, and the app will find available episodes on iTunes or Hulu Plus, if you subscribe to that service. It contains a lot of information and lets you keep track of all of it as it pertains to you, which is pretty handy.

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