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Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 10: FlightTrack Free, Bite Hunter, Slingshot Racing

Aug 10, 2012

Going into the weekend numerous developers updated their apps, and in today’s Fresh iPhone Apps we’ve got three quality ones for your attention. Up first is a new version of flight information app FlightTrack. This one is free, allowing you to see flights in transit and find out if they’re late or early and when they’ll arrive, as well as spot them on maps. Up next is an improved BiteHunter, an app that helps find local deals on meals. Finally, there’s an update to Slingshot Racer that adds turn-based multiplayer and a bunch more race tracks, making it a great game to enjoy during your weekend.

FlightTrack Free (iPhone, iPad)

There are a number of apps available under the FlightTrack brand. The latest free addition to the FlightTrack family brings you information about airline flights, providing real-time flight updates with data from more than 16,000 airports around the world.

It’s important to note that FlightTrack Free doesn’t include all the information you could get on different flights, but it provides quite a bit. It covers more than 1,400 airlines from across the globe, and projects its flights on detailed, colorful maps, so you can see exactly where a flight is in transit and find out if it will be on time, delayed, or canceled.

Bite Hunter – Dining Deals for Restaurants update (iPhone, iPad) Free

You might already be familiar with BiteHunter. It’s a deal-finder that makes use of a number of services, focused on finding food near you. The idea is that you can use the BiteHunter app to locate restaurants and other eateries, discovering special deals. Previously, BiteHunter users had to secure their deals and then go chase them down in email. With a new update, however, the app is much more seamless.

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Now BiteHunter users can identify where they want to eat, find deals, buy their deals and redeem them within the app. Basically, it removed the hassle to make everything more convenient. The app also lets you know when time-sensitive deals are available through notifications, and lets you search through more than 50,000 restaurants in lots of different locations.

Slingshot Racing update (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

We got a big kick out of Slingshot Racing when it first launched in the iTunes App Store not too long ago. It’s a racing title in which your goal is to beat other players using a “slingshot” maneuver to navigate complex tracks by tapping on large posts as your car passes them. The car shoots out a line that snags the post, allowing the vehicle to turn because it’s tethered. Timing is everything.

Slingshot Racing’s big update is a worthy addition to the game for your weekend. It brings asynchronous multiplayer to the table, so you can battle Game Center friends over an Internet connection by taking turns, rather than playing in the same race at the same time. There have also been improvements to AI opponents, two new tracks, and a new single-player campaign. You can check Andrew Koziara’s video review of the initial release below:

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