Fresh iPhone Apps: Flight Status Pro, Sephora to Go, App Paradise 170in1

Sep 30, 2010

A new flight tracker app from KAYAK, a swanky selection from Sephora and a 99-cent download that does a little bit of everything (kind of) are all among today’s Fresh iPhone Apps.

Flight Status Pro (iPhone) $0.99 (or free with ads)

This flight tracker Travel app might be worth it just because of this line from its description: “see flights en route on a map, with a cool blinky effect!”

That sounds cool. If they’d said “Indiana Jones red line map effect,” I would have bought it already.

Flight Status Pro comes in ads/no ads versions, and looks to be a simple and effective flight tracker that lets you search through a variety of ways, including by the flight number, the airline, and the route. The app was developed by KAYAK, and if you’re a KAYAK user on the web, you can synchronize between that account and the app to track your travel more easily.

Sephora To Go (iPhone) Free

Addicts of Sephora’s makeup stores don’t even have to make a trip to the mall anymore to see the company’s new products – or buy them.

The free app from Sephora is a lot like other retailers’ iPhone apps, and includes all the cool functions fans of the store will want to see, including the ability to shop the store and order things from their iPhones. In addition, the app keeps users updated on new stuff featured in the store, presents Sephora staff’s recommendations on products, and is full of videos about different items.

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All the products have reviews and recommendations attached, and with Facebook connectivity, users can even ask for and give beauty advice to other users.

App Paradise 170in1 (iPhone) $0.99

If you buy this app, you actually get about 170 apps for your iPhone. If it sounds like a mess, that’s because it probably is.

App Paradise’s partial list of the 170 “frequently used” applications includes a lot of things you could otherwise get for free – Facebook, notably, as well as some kind of Gmail and Picasa apps. But then again, it only costs a dollar, and if there’s one app in the whole thing that’s worth a dollar, then you got your money’s worth.

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