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Free SixPack App defines workout with pictures, instructions

Aug 18, 2009

It’s doubtful the free SixPack App will give you six-pack abs, but hey, if you’re committed to working out, this collection of exercises should help the cause.

With more than 100 exercises including yoga poses and stretches, the free SixPack App is a great resource. Each exercise comes with a photo card detailing steps, info, tips, muscle descriptions and what to avoid. I found the tips section quite useful.

For instance, I benefited from the tips regarding a triceps push-down exercise. Using exercise equipment, it recommended switching out the bar attachment for a rope attachment to fully work the muscle. The SixPack App also provided a new technique for a leg exercise that really worked my outer hips―a trouble spot for me.

Likewise, the “don’t” section for exercises was an enormous help to recall proper lifting form. Back straight, head up, elbows in!

The SixPack app uses photos of real people executing the exercises. The photos are coupled with step-by-step directions for each exercise, a technique I found way more user friendly than typical gym instructions.

One annoyance were pop-up ads (mostly for an Axe products app) that appeared occasionally, but the ads were hardly a deterrent.

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