Free iPhone apps for new homeowners

Jan 15, 2013

Buying a home for the first time is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments in your life. After all the paperwork is signed, the large check is handed over, and the keys are safely in your hand. These iPhone apps can help transform your new house into your dream home.


So you made the plunge into home ownership, but you decided not to do it all alone. In other words, you have a roommate or a partner. Now it’s time to figure out who pays for what and how to split the bills appropriately. The free Divyit app for iPhone allows you to split up to seven different utility bills and such and see automatically who owes what. Then, use the app to easily send a bill to your tenants or we mean, roommates. You can even attach photos of the bills so others can see the original costs, so obnoxious roommates won’t stick you with the cost of renting Magic Mike, five times. Just keep reminding yourself that with their rent money, you can fix up your new home.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

The free Houzz Interior Design Ideas app offers a plethora of home décor and remodeling inspiration. You can get lost in this intuitive and delightful app for hours. There are thousands of pictures to figure out what is going to make your heart pitter-patter when you walk through the door of your new home. Find the perfect backyard design or the kitchen of your dreams in this app, then make it happen with your own resources and within your budget.

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More important than decorating your home is making sure you have a proper maintenance plan in place. Taking routine care of your new house will work like magic when it comes to avoiding costly renovations down the line due to unplanned expenses such as bursting gutters, termite infestation, etc. Get on track from the moment you buy your home with the free HomeSavvy app for iPhone. Use the app to set your home maintenance schedule and set alerts to make sure you don’t forget any important home tasks.

ColorSmart by BEHR Mobile

Are you on the hunt for the perfect shade of ocean blue for your new master bathroom? Look no further than the free ColorSmart by BEHR Mobile app for iPhone. Explore a multitude of shades by color family or snap a pick of a color you like with your phone and find its glorious match with this smart paint app. Coordinate multiple paint colors together using the app to design your perfect room. Then, head to the local retailer to pick up your paint and get started.

SnapShop Showroom

So you got the most calming coat of ocean blue paint on the wall and now you just need the loveliest cream couch to complement it. Try out different couches with the free SnapShop Showroom app for iPhone. Simply take a photo of your living room and then try out furniture virtually in your room within the SnapShop Showroom app. It is home design genius in action and so much easier than returning a 500 pound couch to the store.

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