Four iPhone apps to survive and thrive during Thanksgiving break

Nov 7, 2012

What do you look most forward to during Thanksgiving? Whether it is an extra day off to spend with family and friends or stuffing ourselves to the gills, we cannot get enough of this holiday. Not to mention all the prepping we do to discount shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday while sipping wine and eating shrimp cocktail in front of the TV watching Thanksgiving Day football games. Here are some of the iPhone apps you can use to make sure you survive and thrive during Thanksgiving break.

Delectable Wine (Free)

Thanksgiving and the general holiday season is a great time to start building on your wine knowledge. With the free Delectable Wine app for iPhone, you can simply snap a photo of the bottles of wine you love and start building your digital wine cellar. It is a fabulous way to save notes on what you like or do not like about each wine. You can also tag friends and family members in notes about each wine so that you can all remember each Thanksgiving who likes to drink merlot or who likes to drink pinot noir. This savvy wine app can definitely help you up your hostess game this holiday season.

Butterball Cookbook Plus ($4.99)

Are you in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year? Want to spice up your family’s boring traditional recipes? Find new and tasty Thanksgiving recipes with the Butterball Cookbook Plus app for iPhone. Try out the turkey with chorizo cornbread stuffing or the roast turkey with Mediterranean rub. It also has extremely helpful hands-free voice commands for navigating recipes and a shopping list builder.

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Gratitude Journal 365 ($0.99)

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? This is the perfect time of year to start a gratitude journal. Gratitude journals allow you to express what you are thankful for each day so you do not miss the small things in life that make every day worthwhile. Start one this Thanksgiving with the Gratitude Journal 365 iPhone app and add meaningful photos to each journal entry. Don’t forget to ask everyone at your Thanksgiving table to say what they are thankful for before dining. Then, add a photo of your family as your Thanksgiving Day entry!

Power 20 ($2.99)

Odds are you are going to eat more than you typically do on Thanksgiving and the days thereafter. Most likely, you will also lounge around watching football and TV specials with the family instead of commencing on your normal fitness routine. You know the weight loss rules, if you eat more you have to burn more to maintain your weight. During the holidays, squeeze in a quick workout no matter where you are with the Power 20 app for iPhone. Grab your gym shoes, put your iPhone on the floor, and hop to a Power 20 work out this Thanksgiving. No excuses!

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