Flight of the Hamsters turns dull despite fun name

Aug 28, 2009

Cartoon Network wants us to believe that extreme hamster launching is sweeping the nation. That may not be entirely true, but launching hamsters sure is fun.

Flight of the Hamsters is set in a wide back yard where you have five hamsters to launch from a wooden catapult. Your launch meter determines the angle at which the hamster will be launched (hint: put your arrow in the middle of the launch meter). When ready, tap the screen and watch your hamster fly. Then tap and tilt your device to get the maximum glide out of the hamster. You want to make sure to get your glide meter high, which fluctuates as your hamster rises and falls.

While flying, your hamster can pick up all sorts of items like hamster balls and rockets to stay afloat. A skateboard smoothed the landing as my hamster came down to earth.

This app entertained me as I kept trying to beat my best flight and score, but I quickly grew bored. Still, Flight of the Hamsters is entertaining and worth the 99 cents.

Yet while I doubt launching hamsters will become a national craze, at least you can take turns with your friends to see who can chuck a hamster the furthest.

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