Fix photo flaws on the fly with iRetouch Lite

Aug 28, 2009

We’ve all taken crazy photos with our iPhone that needed some touching up. With iRetouch Lite, you can do that and a good bit more.

You can make photos black and white, modify the hue, brighten and even give the photos a tint. With a brush tool that offers different shapes and colors, you can even draw on your photo. The app will work with images stored in the photo library of your iPod Touch or iPhone. 

One of the cooler features in the free iRetouch Lite is the clone stamp. Avid Photoshop users will be familiar with this tool that lets you clone parts of the photo onto other areas of the same photo. This helps repair photos or enhance certain features. 

The tools in iRetouch Lite are easy to use but might not be intuitive for those who don’t use Photoshop too often. At times, the app can be slow to register changes. 

This app packs a lot of photo-editing power. While it’s not as fully featured as Photoshop, iRetouch Lite provides plenty of photo manipulation and editing options for your mobile photo needs.

A paid version, iRetouch, sells for 99 cents. But it doesn’t add enough to spend the buck. It’s refreshing when a lite version of an app provides all you need.

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