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Five iPhone apps to help ace your next job interview

Jan 9, 2012

Your iPhone rings and you already have butterflies in your stomach. You got the interview! But now what? Hit the iTunes App Store to locate the best apps to help you prepare for your next series of interviews starting with these suggestions, right here on Appolicious.

Business Secrets ($2.99)

Showing up at an interview confident that you are a well-rounded business expert is a must for any industry. Check out the tips in the Business Secrets app to start off on the right path in your interview and even beyond that first meeting. There are 50 tips each for a myriad of business categories including interviews, leadership, career management and more. It’s the perfect business app to help you get your foot in the door and keep it there.

CNN (Free)

The last thing you want to do is walk into an interview unaware of the current state of the economy and world at large. Make a habit of reading the free CNN app for iPhone every day so that you are well prepared for any side conversations on everyday topics. Whether you are in the tech, finance or entertainment industry, the CNN app has reports you can use including breaking news alerts you don’t want to miss, especially right before a big interview.

iFlatter – Compliment Yourself ($0.99)

A strategically placed and appropriate compliment can go a long way during an interview. Resist the urge to brown-nose right off the bat and save your flattery for the perfect moment or your final goodbye. Do you have trouble using compliments? Check out the iFlatter – Compliment Yourself iPhone app. It even has a special section for “work” compliments. A nice and sincere, “I like that tie” or “That shirt makes your eyes pop” can be an easy way to set yourself apart from the mass of interviewees.

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If you don’t have a lot of interviewing experience under your belt and need more than a little flattery to get you the job, then the free Interviews app for iPhone is where you should start your preparation. This iPhone app is your interview coach with step-by-step instructions on how to prep for and ace your next series of interviews. It even includes guidance on how to navigate that oh-so important post-interview follow-up communication that is necessary to your job-acquiring success. Another fun feature allows you to record yourself answering tricky questions so you can prepare for even the thorniest question. Did you get the job offer but not the salary you wanted? This app even has income-negotiating advice.

Jobjuice Marketing ($9.99)

Are you an MBA pursuing a career in marketing and business? In these professions, interview questions tend to veer from the “What is your greatest strength?” to more complicated questions aimed to calculate your creative potential in a few minutes or less. Jobjuice Marketing is a dynamic app that helps you prepare for a higher level of job interview. It offers more than 50 cards filled with marketing concepts and frameworks. This smart app was developed by Wharton MBAs so you will be in fabulous company when you use it.

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