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Five iPhone apps to celebrate Earth Day

Apr 10, 2012

Earth Day is upon us once more. What are you going to do to celebrate Mother Earth on this glorious spring day in April? We have some iPhone app suggestions to help you find a way to pay homage to this great place we call home, Earth.


Tired of dealing with all that junk mail, which piles up day after day in your mailbox? Now you can simply snap a picture of the snail-mail spammers and the free PaperKarma app will help you stop that unwanted mail. PaperKarma can help you get rid of unwanted catalogs, magazines, coupon books, credit card offers and more. If you are looking for an easy way to lighten your footprint on Mother Earth this April, downloading this app will provide easy karma points.


The free iRecycle app is filled with one million ways to recycle, which is certainly not too shabby. Use the app to locate recycling stations for more than 300 materials, search for locations by zip code, and read great tips and articles from It’s the perfect app to upgrade your recycling routine this Earth Day. Plus, you can use it year-round whenever you have a recycling conundrum.


Sticky notes are not recyclable. Do yourself, and Mother Earth, a favor and eschew the sticky note organization system and download the TeuxDeux app ($2.99). This to-do list app syncs with the website so you can access on your iPhone or on your personal computer. It is thoroughly modern and easy to sync. You just type in your to-do and if you don’t cross it off by the end of the day, it populates to the next day automatically. When you finish the task, simply touch the task to cross it out. Done! It is that easy and you didn’t harm any trees in the making of your to-do list.

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Green Kitchen

An easy way to go green this Earth Day is to eat organic for the day. If you are interested in some tasty vegetarian recipes, check out the Green Kitchen app ($3.99). This tantalizing recipe app is the perfect way to dip your toe in the pool of vegetarian options. Try it, you’ll like it.

Project Noah

Grab the family for Earth Day and head out into nature. Don’t forget to take the free Project Noah app with you! With this nature app, users document sightings of different plants and animals that they find on their explorations. This app is fun and educational for the whole family. We can’t think of a better way of spending Earth Day than exploring nature.

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